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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Beginning of Something New @ The Nest!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!
 We are excited to announce a new adventure
that we are going to be offering at our store, The Nest!

here's to new adventuresGrab your glue sticks, scissors, Mod Podge and a
good friend because starting in October The Nest
will be hosting a monthly craft night!!
What better way to spend a Thursday night then to mingle with fellow
crafters while doing a little shopping (with perks!!)
and creating our monthly craft. 
 I am excited for this exclusive craft club to start and
I hope you are too!!

Creativity is contagious

You can find out all the details here:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Country Living Fair 2013

If you have never been to the Country Living Fair...YOU MUST GO!!
My mind is still racing from all the amazing things we saw and from
all the talented people we were lucky to meet! 
This was my second time visiting this show and I was lucky enough that
my number #1 guy came along too! 

At 9:15 am the line was already forming to get in!
I guess the day before they stopped counting at 700 people waiting in line....CrAzY......
waiting in line is totally worth me!!!
One guy surprised his wife for her birthday and drove her all the way from Iowa!

At 10:00 am the gates opened and the crowd was ready to shop!
I was like a kid in a candy store!!!

That's a lot of pumpkins and gourds!!

Kev and I laughed when we spotted all these antique porcelain tubs...
they are so rare to find at flea markets etc. however not at the Country Living Fair!!!

I wanted this old, worn, rustic metal turquoise table.
Next year we have to take a truck down for sure.
One lady walked past it and thought it was god awful but I thought it was perfect!

There is so much goodness all in one spot!
I am not even sure if we saw everything!?
There were tents, tents, and MORE tents all filled with the most
unique things. To have so many creative people in one spot with
all their creations is simply inspiring.
I told Kev that we would be a vendor at this show one day!!
It is now MY GOAL!

I fell in love with this old Ford turquoise truck.
I would drive it and love every minute of it!!

We saw Cari from the show Cash & Cari!!


I am feeling inspired and have already begun working on new things for the store.
I cannot wait to go again next year OR maybe a vendor!!
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Date & A Fair!!

It is Saturday and the sun is shining and there is a chill in the air.
You can tell that Fall is making its way fast.
I am looking forward to this weekend in particular because
I have a date with my number #1 guy!
It is not often that Kev and I get out of town just the two
of us...and this weekend we are!!!!!!!!
This week was our "17 year anniversary" since we started dating.
Sappy.....yes but I love him!!
He is my "high school sweetheart" and I have spent half my life with him.
It all started with a little red note he slipped into my
Social Studies book...and I am so glad he did!!!

We are heading to the Country Living Fair!!!
Have you ever been there!?
I went a few years ago and it was amazing!!
The amount of creative people all in one spot is crazy!!
To say I am excited is an understatement......
I am hoping to bring back a few unique items for myself 
and LOTS of ideas for the store!
Nest will be at the Country Living Fair Columbus, Ohio 2013! - Nest Vintage Modern
What kind of plans do you have for the weekend!?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Nephew

Hi! How are you!? I am good.
Adjusting to the forever changing climate in Ohio
and blowing my nose for the billionth time!!
This year has been the worse for my allergies and sinuses.
It's that time of the year when we have to dress in layers cause ya just don't
know what mother nature has in store for us. 
Well anyways I have been going back and forth whether or not
to write a blog post about my nephews Baptism over Labor Day weekend.
 My mom was in a car accident (a few weeks ago) and was just starting to heal and
may not appreciate the pictures all over blog world HOWEVER we are so lucky
to have here that I figured why not!!

I had the honor of being my nephews godmother.
He is precious and I love every little peace of him!
Tonight he was cooing on the phone to Andrew and I and it was priceless. 

My mom and her two boys!!
They love their Nana!!
My mom and dad.
A picture of my dad is rare!

The proud parents!

Luca and Uncle Kevin.

This little peanut slept through the ENTIRE baptism ceremony!!

My sister and I.
She is tall and I am short :(
She takes after my dad and I can say I take after my mom.

This kid had me at "hello" 6 years ago.

Happy Baptism Luca!
We love you!