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Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Nephew

Hi! How are you!? I am good.
Adjusting to the forever changing climate in Ohio
and blowing my nose for the billionth time!!
This year has been the worse for my allergies and sinuses.
It's that time of the year when we have to dress in layers cause ya just don't
know what mother nature has in store for us. 
Well anyways I have been going back and forth whether or not
to write a blog post about my nephews Baptism over Labor Day weekend.
 My mom was in a car accident (a few weeks ago) and was just starting to heal and
may not appreciate the pictures all over blog world HOWEVER we are so lucky
to have here that I figured why not!!

I had the honor of being my nephews godmother.
He is precious and I love every little peace of him!
Tonight he was cooing on the phone to Andrew and I and it was priceless. 

My mom and her two boys!!
They love their Nana!!
My mom and dad.
A picture of my dad is rare!

The proud parents!

Luca and Uncle Kevin.

This little peanut slept through the ENTIRE baptism ceremony!!

My sister and I.
She is tall and I am short :(
She takes after my dad and I can say I take after my mom.

This kid had me at "hello" 6 years ago.

Happy Baptism Luca!
We love you!



  1. I need to get copies of all these pictures! Love this post and mom actually doesn't look bad!

  2. I can get you the prints. I have more too!