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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

So Much Going On Around The Nest!!!

How are you!?
Hope everyone is doing well!
FYI do you believe there are only 57 days till Christmas!!!!
Yep...CrAzY....and we are bringing Christmas into the store over the weekend!
This year we are going to be doing The 12 Days of Christmas from Dec. 9 - Dec. 23!!!
Its going to be so much fun and hopefully all the deals will help you mark some important
people off your Christmas lists.  Each day we will post on Facebook what the
 "deal of the day" will be.....stay tuned!!
Kev has been making me some AmAzInG reclaimed wood Christmas trees and Reindeers.....
I cannot wait to bring them into the store.
We are only 3 weeks away from our first Ladies Night....are you coming!?
It is on Friday, November 14th from 6:30 - 9:00pm....
you can find more information about Ladies Night on your Facebook page:
We are busily getting ready for our November Craft Clubs I cannot believe they
 already kick off next week!!! I am super excited about them...the craft is stinking cute and I cannot wait to see how all the ladies decide to paint and decorate them their letters....JOY!!
We also are holding a Kid Craft Club and a PoP Up Bonus Craft CLub in November!
Don't forget we also offer Private Craft Clubs for groups of 1o our more!
Here are some important dates to remember too:

In between all the hustle and bustle we have been adding a lot of new
and unique furniture pieces....................

On a random note...I would like to express my gratitude to all the customers who
have visited The Nest and continue to support us!
We have received so many amazing compliments over the past couple of weeks
from various customers that have meant so much to us!!!!
A few of them have been....
{Your Love For What You Do Reflects In Your Store}
[Thank you for being here, Chardon needed this!]
{The Nest is "my" Happy Place}
See you in the shop or around town!

Monday, September 22, 2014

{Hello Fall}

 Today is the first official day of Fall.
Summer is gone and the fresh crisp air has made its way into Ohio today. 
Poor Summer...I feel like it never really had a chance this year....we
had a few hot days here and there but overall it just wasn't very warm...lets hope
Fall takes its time so Old  Man Winter doesn't greet us to early.
Happy Fall
In October we are having a Kids Craft Club and the little crafters are going to be
decorating their own Canvas Tote Trick-or-Treating Tote bags. 
While on Pinterest the other day I found this desert...
and think I am going to make it for them!

Halloween Rice Krispy Treats but you can change the frosting to any color. Baby Blue for boy shower. Pink for girl shower. Even red candy melts with green sprinkles for Christmas.  The possibilities are endless.

For our monthly Craft Club the ladies are
going to be painting, distressing, and embellishing a large wooden chalkboard!
All information will be posted on Facebook tonight...spots fill up fast so check it out!

Around the store we have been adding touches of Fall all around.
This month we have also had the privilege of hosting our September Craft Clubs in the
space located right next to the store.  We are finalizing all the details but it will be The Nest Crafting Studio!  We are excited about this extra "extension" of The Nest and all the
 opportunities it will bring!  With the new space it will allow us to have more Kids Craft Clubs, Private Craft Clubs. Birthday Parties, and so much more!!!


I stumbled upon the following pictures and thought I would share to help get you
in the mood for Fall!
Chevron Painted Pumpkin -- design made with masking tape and then painted  


Monday, September 15, 2014

{Village Peddler}

This past weekend The Nest was a vendor at The Village Peddler.....
this was our first time participating in this event and it was an
experience we will never forget.
Unfortunately living in Northeast Ohio we have to endure the crazy weather
and we were definitely dealt with some crazy weather during this event.
I will say though that even at times when we thought the tent might just blow away....
we kept our spirits high and just had to laugh at the situation! 
Even though we had rain and high winds
on Saturday we were fortunate to have an amazing crowd of shoppers!
For most of the day on Saturday we had to have all hands on board holding down the tent!
Sunday was a brand new day and after surviving Saturday it was
 like a breath of fresh air!
We were able to open up the tent and enjoy the day and the customers!
For this event we brought a lot of new products which were well received and of
course we brought some "oldies but goodies".

Rain =  A LOT of mud!!
Good thing we had on our mud boots!
My sister and I just about tackled the Farm Park Crew when they came
around with straw...we were like two kids in a candy store throwing it everywhere!
Some random pictures of our booth.......

We sold out of all our pallet wood Ohio's.....we will be making more for the store!

It was fun meeting so many new people that have heard about The Nest!

We would like to thank everyone that came out and supported us this past weekend
 it means a lot to have so many wonderful people in our corner!!'
I would also like to hubby....without him well I couldn't do it alone.... he is my voice of reasoning and my shoulder of strength, my mother-in-law, my mom, my sister, and Phyllis!!!
I had a great team with me all weekend and appreciate each and every one of them!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hello August!

I cannot believe it is August....where did July go!?
Welcome August I guess ready or not you are here!
July was a GREAT month and I am excited to see what August has in store for us...
We are back from vacation and it was nice to take some time off
 to regroup and be by the Lake. I'm a Summer girl and LOVE the anytime
I can get next to it for a few days I am there and happy!
This kid....melts my hearts...and has gotten so big....a little man in the making!

We were lucky to have an afternoon of sunshine before the storms blew in.
Lake Erie was breathtaking and I am so thankful we got to enjoy it as a family.

 One night after dinner we went on an "off the beaten path" adventure
 and stumbled upon an empty beach with the most amazing rocks and pieces of drift wood.

This was out first time to the Geneva Lodge and I highly recommend it!
We had a very nice time and will be going back for sure!

Even though the weather got cold and the waves were rolling in we still
went on beach walks and took in all that the area had to offer!

These two-yep their mine!

The layers of clouds and their colors were amazing.

Lake Erie Love is right!
 I hope you are having a great Summer too!!
Enjoy it before it slips away!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Been A Blast!!

Today is the day...Our One Year Anniversary....
and I am feeling accomplished, grateful, happy, proud, and so excited for another year at The Nest!

One Year Ago Today:
  • The Nest opened it's doors in Chardon!
  • People thought we were crazy (and still might, lol)!
  • "We" believed "we" could and we "ARE"!
  • My career path changed and has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  
  • My hubby stood next to me as "we" took the leap of faith into a new adventure together.
  • I grew and pushed away uncertainties while pushing myself forward and reaching for one of my dreams.

    • We made it successfully to our 1 year mark and have never looked back!
    • Chardon has welcomed The Nest into its retail community and we are building an AmAzInG loyal customer base!
    • "We" are learning each day what it means to be a business owner within our community.
    • My hubby continues to be my #1 handyman and still believes in "us" and what we can achieve together.
    • I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do!
    • I work a lot and have never worked harder then I currently am but am enjoying every minute of it.
    • Wishing for another successful year with positive growth.
    • Want to "thank" everyone who has supported us in this unbelievable journey and know that each and everyone of you are truly appreciated!!
    •  Love that The Nest has brought so many amazing people into my life.
    • Feeling humbled that our monthly Craft Clubs have become such a positive event in our community and brings the most unique group of ladies together that all share the same passion!
    • Simply just want to say.....THANK YOU!!!!
    If you live in the surrounding area stop by on Sunday, July 13th from 12-5 pm for our One Year Anniversary Open House!!

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    One Year Anniversary & June Craft Club

    Time flies when your having's already July 1st
    and YES we have been having fun!!
    Next week The Nest will hit it's
    It has been a wonderful, non-stop, life changing year and we have loved every minute of it!
    If you live in the area we are hosting a One Year Anniversary Open House and you should stop by to say, "hi!"
    We have just concluded all of our June Craft Club nights and it is crazy to think that next week we are already kicking off our July Craft Clubs!!! All 91 unfinished wooden serving trays have arrived today...thank goodness Andrew came to work with me...he was a great helper unloading them!!
    Craft Club has turned into a staple in Chardon and it brings the most diverse group of ladies together from near and far.
    June Craft Club Pics.....

    Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who joined us in June!!
    If you would like to join one of our monthly Craft Clubs all the
    information is posted under or events portion on Facebook:
     August Craft Club information will be posted in the next few weeks...stay tuned!!