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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Random Thoughts and Store Updates.......

How are you!?
Guess what the SUN is SHINING!!!!!
The sun likes to surprise us every once in awhile and
when it shows up it makes the day that much better!!
We have Craft Club tonight and tomorrow night and I am looking forward to
a new year with new and exciting Craft Clubs!! 
Our February Craft Club dates are available in the store and I will post
them on Facebook this Thursday is going to be a good one!
We (you) are going to be creating your own 14 ft. garland!!!
This project will surely add some "sunshine" in your homes!!
**Picture below of some examples**
 We are also busy planning our next Ladies Night which will be on:
Friday, March 6th from 6:30-9:00 pm
you can find more information here...
We had so much fun during our first one we thought we would do it again!!!
A lot of new merchandise has come into the store.....
Love Designs has brought in many new necklaces and earrings......
I have been busy restocking more new furniture.....
and a lot of new home décor items too!!!
I absolutely fell in LOVE with this bird fabric and thankfully my
mother-in-law made pillows out of it for me!!!
You gals will LOVE it to!
We also have a new stock of fresh Drizzle Melts and candles too...
Enjoy that sunshine today!
It's good for the soul :)
 Till next time!
Oh Yay how about


  1. Do you offer consignment and if so what percentage do you take I am a crafter of greeting cards and sewing projects