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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentines Day Special= Nest Cash!!!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner!
Do you have plans?
Do you celebrate!?
Lots of Valentine's Ideas
I'm HOPING for a home cooked meal after work from my Special K!!
I hinted just a nice dinner made by him would be perfection!
The store is STOCKED with a lot if "unique" gifts
for that special someone or send in your hubby and we can help him out too!
Starting tomorrow, Thursday, February 12 through Saturday, February 14
if you come in and spend $25.00 or more you will
receive $5.00 in NEST CASH to spend on a future purchase!
How's that for a "sweet: treat for ya!
We are also only 1 month away to our next Ladies Night!
Save The Date::::
Friday, March 6 from 6:30-9:00 pm
  bring a friend it is sure to be a good time!!
Our Line Up of vendors include:
Love Designs
Toe Ink
Maddy B's Boutique
Christie with Pampered Chef
Regovich Imaging
and much more!
For more details you can check out our Facebook Page:

Have a good one!!
See you soon :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Lot Going On!

The saying is "time flies when you are having fun"
and I cannot believe it is February already.........
January just came and went with a bang!!
 A lot has been going on these days around The Nest
we launched our brand new website....
You gotta go check it out and if you haven't signed up for our
new Email list do that too!!
We have BIG plans for our Email list this year you won't
want to miss out on exclusive deals and info!!!
We were voted for BEST FURNITTURE
 on the Cleveland Hot List!!!!
Thank you to everyone who has voted for us already
we appreciate you support!
If you haven't voted and would like to vote for us we would APPRECIATE it GREATLY!
New Day Cleveland from Fox 8 was here last week
 to film a segment on the store
and it is going to air this
Friday, February 6th between 10-11 am!!
In between all this exciting stuff we hosted 4 Craft Clubs and
3 Kid Birthday Parties...
to say we have been busy is an understatement
BUT it is a GOOD busy and we could not be more happier!
January Craft Club Pics:
For our January Craft Club the ladies each received an unfinished wooden frame with chicken wire inside they had to paint, distress and add embellishments to create their masterpiece!
Some ladies made them to hang their jewelry from, while other made them to hang their daughters hairclips from or,
to hang pictures and other important info from.
They all turned out adorable and each one was "unique"

Jennifer and Dana showing off their finished products.

Ashly and Katie showing off their finished products!

Craft Club is AWESOME you have to come if you
 have not made it to one yet!
You can come alone or with a does not matter because once you get here everyone welcomes you with open arms!
It a night out to meet someone new and to create something unique!

 Rachel-Cory- and Jessica!
Some more happy ladies showing off their finished products!
A few of our Craft Club regulars..
Heather, Mandy, and Jen!!
Tonight we kick off February Craft Club AND
all the details for our March Craft Club will be available
at the end of the week!!!!!
To sign up for Craft Club you can either..
1.  Stop in the store to sign up
2.  Join our Email List and you will be notified
when registration is open.
3. Sign up on Facebook when it is posted...
In between everything we have continued to "refresh" and "restock" the store with a lot of really unique items.......
I will post some new pictures soon!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and are staying warm....
Spring is not that far away!!!!

 Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Random Thoughts and Store Updates.......

How are you!?
Guess what the SUN is SHINING!!!!!
The sun likes to surprise us every once in awhile and
when it shows up it makes the day that much better!!
We have Craft Club tonight and tomorrow night and I am looking forward to
a new year with new and exciting Craft Clubs!! 
Our February Craft Club dates are available in the store and I will post
them on Facebook this Thursday is going to be a good one!
We (you) are going to be creating your own 14 ft. garland!!!
This project will surely add some "sunshine" in your homes!!
**Picture below of some examples**
 We are also busy planning our next Ladies Night which will be on:
Friday, March 6th from 6:30-9:00 pm
you can find more information here...
We had so much fun during our first one we thought we would do it again!!!
A lot of new merchandise has come into the store.....
Love Designs has brought in many new necklaces and earrings......
I have been busy restocking more new furniture.....
and a lot of new home d├ęcor items too!!!
I absolutely fell in LOVE with this bird fabric and thankfully my
mother-in-law made pillows out of it for me!!!
You gals will LOVE it to!
We also have a new stock of fresh Drizzle Melts and candles too...
Enjoy that sunshine today!
It's good for the soul :)
 Till next time!
Oh Yay how about

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Bring It On!!

Tonight I am sitting in my jammies....relaxing and waiting for the Ohio State game to start.
Our Christmas tree is still up and I'm ok with it!!!
I'm still enjoying the "twinkle" lights at night and I
think we will leave everything up for a few more days!!!
It's peaceful and I soaking it all in!
Today is also New Years Day.....
 How did that happen so fast!!!!?
It's 2015 and I am ready to embrace the new year with open arms.....
Do you make a New Years Resolution?????
I do not.....I'm not good at it.....instead I make a list
of things I want to accomplish both
personally and professionally.
I like checking things off as the year goes
on and it keeps me motivated and pushing myself to
reach the things that matter to me.
How was your Christmas!?
Ours was good!

We were all spoiled this year.

Andrew got Kev an OSU pillow from his Santa Shop at school and last year he got him an OSU's pretty funny in our house since my hubby is a huge Notre Dame fan but it's the thought that counts!

This little boy wanted 1 thing a DS and Santa delivered....
he was beyond excited!

Taking a minute to grab a quick photo of "us".
Pez was whooped from all the Christmas excitement too!
It's been a nice Christmas break and in between hanging out with the family we have also been working on things to the store.............
I have painted several pieces of large furniture and we are "refreshing" the store with lots of new merchandise.
Set of matching 1933 Vintage Dressers.
I love these and they are beautiful!!
I hope everyone has had a chance to take a break from their everyday routine and enjoy some family really is nice
to slow down  for a bit.
Happy New Year!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

So Much Going On Around The Nest!!!

How are you!?
Hope everyone is doing well!
FYI do you believe there are only 57 days till Christmas!!!!
Yep...CrAzY....and we are bringing Christmas into the store over the weekend!
This year we are going to be doing The 12 Days of Christmas from Dec. 9 - Dec. 23!!!
Its going to be so much fun and hopefully all the deals will help you mark some important
people off your Christmas lists.  Each day we will post on Facebook what the
 "deal of the day" will be.....stay tuned!!
Kev has been making me some AmAzInG reclaimed wood Christmas trees and Reindeers.....
I cannot wait to bring them into the store.
We are only 3 weeks away from our first Ladies Night....are you coming!?
It is on Friday, November 14th from 6:30 - 9:00pm....
you can find more information about Ladies Night on your Facebook page:
We are busily getting ready for our November Craft Clubs I cannot believe they
 already kick off next week!!! I am super excited about them...the craft is stinking cute and I cannot wait to see how all the ladies decide to paint and decorate them their letters....JOY!!
We also are holding a Kid Craft Club and a PoP Up Bonus Craft CLub in November!
Don't forget we also offer Private Craft Clubs for groups of 1o our more!
Here are some important dates to remember too:

In between all the hustle and bustle we have been adding a lot of new
and unique furniture pieces....................

On a random note...I would like to express my gratitude to all the customers who
have visited The Nest and continue to support us!
We have received so many amazing compliments over the past couple of weeks
from various customers that have meant so much to us!!!!
A few of them have been....
{Your Love For What You Do Reflects In Your Store}
[Thank you for being here, Chardon needed this!]
{The Nest is "my" Happy Place}
See you in the shop or around town!

Monday, September 22, 2014

{Hello Fall}

 Today is the first official day of Fall.
Summer is gone and the fresh crisp air has made its way into Ohio today. 
Poor Summer...I feel like it never really had a chance this year....we
had a few hot days here and there but overall it just wasn't very warm...lets hope
Fall takes its time so Old  Man Winter doesn't greet us to early.
Happy Fall
In October we are having a Kids Craft Club and the little crafters are going to be
decorating their own Canvas Tote Trick-or-Treating Tote bags. 
While on Pinterest the other day I found this desert...
and think I am going to make it for them!

Halloween Rice Krispy Treats but you can change the frosting to any color. Baby Blue for boy shower. Pink for girl shower. Even red candy melts with green sprinkles for Christmas.  The possibilities are endless.

For our monthly Craft Club the ladies are
going to be painting, distressing, and embellishing a large wooden chalkboard!
All information will be posted on Facebook tonight...spots fill up fast so check it out!

Around the store we have been adding touches of Fall all around.
This month we have also had the privilege of hosting our September Craft Clubs in the
space located right next to the store.  We are finalizing all the details but it will be The Nest Crafting Studio!  We are excited about this extra "extension" of The Nest and all the
 opportunities it will bring!  With the new space it will allow us to have more Kids Craft Clubs, Private Craft Clubs. Birthday Parties, and so much more!!!


I stumbled upon the following pictures and thought I would share to help get you
in the mood for Fall!
Chevron Painted Pumpkin -- design made with masking tape and then painted