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Sunday, July 24, 2016

It's Been Awhile......

It's been awhile....I know....
however I HOPE everyone is doing well and is enjoying their Summer!
We are really trying to soak up every last minute of Summertime.
There is so much MORE we would LOVE to do before school starts but we shall see what actually happens 
or what last minute adventures we go on!

The shop......The Nest just had its 3rd Anniversary and we are still loving every minute of it!! It's so very true that when you love what you do you never work a day in your life....I am blessed.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to The Nest!!!

This guy is my right hand man and without him I could never do everything that I do!
I am thankful to have a hubby that believes in "us" 110%....
he is "Mr. Nest".

We had a customer appreciation event the day of our anniversary and it was such a nice time sharing this special day with so many of our loyal customers!

Since Craft Club is such a HUGE part of the shop we held a raffle 
to win a free craft club for two....
Aubrey won our Pallet Wood Class and Kim won our regular monthly Craft Club giveaway.

The shop has evolved over the past 3 years and it is a delight to hear that it has become some people's
"happy place" or where they come to be inspired. Our dream has grown into a wonderful shop and we are so grateful that our community embraces our business 100%. 
Being a small business owner is something that Kev and I cherish....
it's a lot of hard work, dedication, hustle, and passion and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Until next time....goodnight.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Whirlwind {New Store}

It's hard to believe but this time last week we received the keys to our new location
and the whirlwind of moving began!
Growth is good and it allows you to push yourself outside your comfort zone
but saying good bye is hard too....our first location was good to us.
520 Water Street was the birth of The Nest...we had a good landlord
and great neighbors and the location treated us well....however when the opportunity
to move onto the Chardon Square came to us Kev and I knew it was time to turn the
page and begin a new chapter....growth.
It was sad to pack it all up and clear it all out.
The space felt bare and lifeless.......however we knew that the future
on the square was waiting for us so it was lights out at 520 Water Street.

The move was a lot of hard work and  a lot of 12 hour days in a row...
but we DID IT {even with a bummed foot}

Our moving truck was HUGE...27 feet long and it was STUFFED to the brim....

Half way through the first day of our move I dropped something onto the top of my foot
and cut it pretty bad.....just my luck however I knew the show must go on and I pushed forward with
a lot of time for icing.

 It was a little overwhelming at first getting everything unpacked
and took me back to setting up my old classroom...
just hours and hours of sorting
and organizing.

A few days into our move KT Custom Logo here in Chardon came and
installed out window decals and that is the moment that it hit home
that we have officially moved onto the square!

Can I just say my hubby ROCKS!!!
He built custom tables for Craft Club and they look amazing!
Craft Club is now incorporated into the store and we wanted to do something
new and fun for all our crafty ladies......cannot wait till our first Craft Club in September!
There will be many nights of crafting and laughing around these tables.

The small details helped pull the store together and gave it
the "nesty" feel......we have stocked the store with new
merchandise as well as new painted furniture pieces.

View from the front of store.
 View from the back of the store.

And just like that yesterday was our opening day on the square and I had the two most
important people with me to share it with.
Thank you to all our amazing customers for joining us on this new journey we look
forward to bringing you a bigger and better Nest!!!!
Stop by and check it all out we would love to see you!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Time Flies....

How are you!?
It's been a very long time...too long since my last blog post.
I guess the saying is true that time flies when your having fun!
Hard to believe its July 26th..........and we are more then half way through our summer vacation.
The weather here is FINALLY warming up we are expecting a few
90's this week and it makes me happy!
How has your summer been treating you?
Ours has been jammed pack with work, vacation, summer camps, swimming,
and enjoying the lazy days of summer.
Free Summertime Chalkboard Printable /// Simple 8x10 design /// Instant download
Andrew played baseball all summer long and did a great job!
His team came in 4th place out of 12 teams and he really made
huge progress this year he jumps up to the next level (minors)
that's going to be a big change for him however he really seems to enjoy baseball
so that's a plus....oh yeah and I's sure getting ice cream after all the games helps too, lol!
My All-Star!!
I also decided to CHOP my hair off this entire 12 inches got cut off!
It felt refreshing to get that much hair cut off and I am loving my new cut...
I think I'm going to rock the short hair for awhile.

 Andrew and I have been spending a lot time outside swimming and
hanging out at Pioneer Waterland with each other. I am HAPPY that my
son enjoys the sunshine as much as me!!


Hard to believe that this kid is tall enough to drive his own go kart at Pioneer Waterland!
When the attendant measured him and said he was tall enough his eyes lit up like
it was Christmas morning, I on the other hand was a bit nervous.
Summer time for me also means reading a good book!
I just got done reading......
Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews          Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews       
and I'm currently reading...
cool artificial about Ladies Night book from Mary Kay Andrews

 I have really been enjoying Mary Kay Andrews writing....her books
even inspired our vacation to Tybee Island, Georgia in June!
If you have never read one of her books you should pick one up from the library
or book store they are really good!
Next post I'll share our vacation to Tybee Island. Georgia it was FANTASTIC!
Oh my....I almost forget to share...with you of the most exciting
things that is happening this Summer is that we are relocating
The Nest to the Main Street in Chardon!!
It's like a dream come true to have The Nest be apart of our local square and we move in
just 2 short weeks already!!!
Well I've enjoyed catching up with everyone and I plan on
blogging more frequently again (sorry).....till the next time
enjoy the sunshine and soak it all up!
Hearts in Nature - Curated by Lori Cartwright | kirtsy


Thursday, April 9, 2015

March Craft Club and Other News.....

Another soggy day around's Spring Break...and I think
we can all use a break from the weather lately.
Hoping to see the sun soon and hoping it sticks
around for more then a few hours!!!
Today is my #1 man's birthday!!!
Happy Birthday K---
you are "our ROCK"
19 years together and 19 birthdays shared with
my best friend!!!
Our March Craft Club was a hit this past month!
The ladies all created the most adorable Spring wreaths
and I hope they are adding some sunshine to everyone's homes!


We are currently hosting our April Craft Club and the first two groups of ladies have
created the most adorable sets of bird houses for their Spring Décor
(stay tuned for pics).
We are getting ready to announce our May Craft Club Project and dates.....
if you would like to receive notification regarding this head over to.....
May is going to be another good one you won't want to miss out on a night of
crafting, mingling, shopping, and eating with the most amazing group of ladies.
Around the store we have been busy restocking with new furniture pieces and other
home décor items. I had Bronchitis pretty bad all last week so my productivity level was
non-existent. I am looking forward to this weekend and getting a lot of BIG pieces
in the store for next week....stay tuned for pics!
Some new smaller pieces just added to the store...
This OHIO window sold in like a half hour...Megan I hope you are enjoying it!
I will be making MORE!!

These nesting tables are really cute!
Would be perfect for kids to sit and play on!

Another adorable side table that sold almost instantly.
This one I wanted to keep for myself I just love it!
Jamie I hope you are enjoying it!!!

Small chest of drawers painted two-toned in charcoal and cream.

The most unique side table painted in a soft gray.
So much good stuff right now in the store....stop in and check it all out!!
One last note...Mother's Day is right around the corner and
we are going to be having a Mother's Day's going to be good!
We will be sending out an email in regards to our Mother's Day Sale!!!
Well that should about wrap things up for now!!
I'll leave you with some sunshine!!!

Have a good night!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ladies Night @ The Nest

A few weeks back we hosted our 2nd Ladies Night!
If you missed must come when we have another one....
it is a good time and everyone really enjoys themselves!
This second Ladies Night I tried to change things up a bit and we had a few new
vendors that were a great addition to our event.
Our very own Joy and Hannah from Love Designs!
All the ladies loved creating their own metal hand-stamped bracelet or ring....
I love mine too ......
Tiffany from Maddie B's Boutique brought the cutest little girl hair accessories and
some pretty adorable vintage home décor too!

Cory gave away a free mini family portrait session.....and Alicia was the lucky winner!

Kristin from Earth Eats set up for the night with her delicious all natural
jams, jellies, granola  and MUCH MORE! Her products are always a hit!

 Christie from Pampered Chef had some really unique new items to share with the ladies too.

Kristyl from Toe Ink was swamped all night!
The ladies all love receiving their $5.00 express manicures.

 We had a dessert and coffee bar as well as a wine, cheese and cracker bar!
Good food and drinks was had by all!

So many ladies hand-stamped their own metal cuffs or rings....
it is fun to see what message everyone decides to stamp...
no two bracelets or rings turned out the same! 
Each one was "unique" just like all of us!

It was nice seeing so many customers mingling with one another and
 also getting to know our vendors better. 
We have the BEST customers and Ladies Night is our way of saying "thank you"
for supporting us within the Chardon Community.

The store was jammed pack that night with a lot of new home décor items and some
ladies even went home with some new items to freshen up their homes just in time for Spring!

Becky getting her nails painted by the talented Kristyl from Toe Ink!

We had a great turnout and have already been asked by several ladies when
our next Ladies Night will be!! I am so grateful that The Nest brings happiness
 to so many is my slice of heaven that I LOVE sharing with others.

My mom and mother-in-law helped me out that night!
They are great helpers and I am grateful to have both.
On another note:
Monday afternoon we received notification from the
Cleveland Hot List......
The Nest was voted
#1 for
Best Furniture for 2015!!!!
To everyone that voted for us!!!!!
We appreciate it greatly!