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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hello August!

I cannot believe it is August....where did July go!?
Welcome August I guess ready or not you are here!
July was a GREAT month and I am excited to see what August has in store for us...
We are back from vacation and it was nice to take some time off
 to regroup and be by the Lake. I'm a Summer girl and LOVE the anytime
I can get next to it for a few days I am there and happy!
This kid....melts my hearts...and has gotten so big....a little man in the making!

We were lucky to have an afternoon of sunshine before the storms blew in.
Lake Erie was breathtaking and I am so thankful we got to enjoy it as a family.

 One night after dinner we went on an "off the beaten path" adventure
 and stumbled upon an empty beach with the most amazing rocks and pieces of drift wood.

This was out first time to the Geneva Lodge and I highly recommend it!
We had a very nice time and will be going back for sure!

Even though the weather got cold and the waves were rolling in we still
went on beach walks and took in all that the area had to offer!

These two-yep their mine!

The layers of clouds and their colors were amazing.

Lake Erie Love is right!
 I hope you are having a great Summer too!!
Enjoy it before it slips away!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Been A Blast!!

Today is the day...Our One Year Anniversary....
and I am feeling accomplished, grateful, happy, proud, and so excited for another year at The Nest!

One Year Ago Today:
  • The Nest opened it's doors in Chardon!
  • People thought we were crazy (and still might, lol)!
  • "We" believed "we" could and we "ARE"!
  • My career path changed and has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  
  • My hubby stood next to me as "we" took the leap of faith into a new adventure together.
  • I grew and pushed away uncertainties while pushing myself forward and reaching for one of my dreams.

    • We made it successfully to our 1 year mark and have never looked back!
    • Chardon has welcomed The Nest into its retail community and we are building an AmAzInG loyal customer base!
    • "We" are learning each day what it means to be a business owner within our community.
    • My hubby continues to be my #1 handyman and still believes in "us" and what we can achieve together.
    • I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do!
    • I work a lot and have never worked harder then I currently am but am enjoying every minute of it.
    • Wishing for another successful year with positive growth.
    • Want to "thank" everyone who has supported us in this unbelievable journey and know that each and everyone of you are truly appreciated!!
    •  Love that The Nest has brought so many amazing people into my life.
    • Feeling humbled that our monthly Craft Clubs have become such a positive event in our community and brings the most unique group of ladies together that all share the same passion!
    • Simply just want to say.....THANK YOU!!!!
    If you live in the surrounding area stop by on Sunday, July 13th from 12-5 pm for our One Year Anniversary Open House!!

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    One Year Anniversary & June Craft Club

    Time flies when your having's already July 1st
    and YES we have been having fun!!
    Next week The Nest will hit it's
    It has been a wonderful, non-stop, life changing year and we have loved every minute of it!
    If you live in the area we are hosting a One Year Anniversary Open House and you should stop by to say, "hi!"
    We have just concluded all of our June Craft Club nights and it is crazy to think that next week we are already kicking off our July Craft Clubs!!! All 91 unfinished wooden serving trays have arrived today...thank goodness Andrew came to work with me...he was a great helper unloading them!!
    Craft Club has turned into a staple in Chardon and it brings the most diverse group of ladies together from near and far.
    June Craft Club Pics.....

    Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who joined us in June!!
    If you would like to join one of our monthly Craft Clubs all the
    information is posted under or events portion on Facebook:
     August Craft Club information will be posted in the next few weeks...stay tuned!!

    Saturday, May 3, 2014

    Craving Sunshine!

    Sorry it has been got in the way with
    day-to-day things happening around our neck of the woods.
    It's another "gray" day here and the sunshine seems to
    only POP out once in awhile for a brief moment.
    I LOVE the heat and I LOVE the sunshine so this weather is starting to get me down!
    I am ready to get my hands dirty and work in my yard & garden....I have BIG plans
    this year for our is going to be fabulous if I can pull it all off!!
    Poor Kev he doesn't know what is coming when the weather finally breaks.
    So many ideas are swirling around my head I though I would share with you.....
    garden shed | Cool Garden Sheds That Make Any Garden Better » A Light-Filled Garden ...

    I want an outside potting shed/ shelter really bad!!!
    I have been telling Kev about my ideas....I am HOPING one day he gets on board!
    I would like to make it all out of old windows, doors, barn wood etc.
    the older the materials the better!
    I am thinking down by our pond it would be perfect!!!!
    Turquoise rain boots

    These mud boots are calling my name!
    Gotta have a good pair of mud boots when you live in the country.
    My Top Five Garden Junk Posts of 2013

    Loving this hanging basket inside an old's on my list!
    Could use the old door for a garden
    An old door painted and distressed with some flowers....yep...on my list too!
    Cottage porch

    I want to turn my front entry way into a quaint little spot for hanging out
    so I  can sit and watch Kev and Andrew play basketball....
    my list of things I want to do this Spring keeps on growing....
    I just need the weather to get better so I can start getting busy on all my projects.
    pumpkin patch....remember the blue skies and crafts and fun hay rides?

    Andrew and I have already planted seeds for our garden this year.....
    I am DETERMINED to have a pumpkin patch!!!!!!
    I want to grow pumpkins of all shapes and colors!
     In the Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. { Margaret Atwood } #quotes #digin
     I am ready to smell like dirt and get dirty!
    Are you ready!?
    Bring it on!


    Wednesday, March 19, 2014

    Around Here Lately....

    Tomorrow is the first day of Spring-HOORAY!!
    I wish that meant that an automatic switch would flip on and we
    were out of the woods...but I know better we live in Northeast Ohio!
    No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.
    This print is hanging in my kitchen as a daily reminder these days.
    I don't know about anyone else but I am ready to move past Winter...we have earned Spring this year!
     I am ready for the smell of fresh cut grass, mud, and the sound of birds chirping!!
    Tomorrow night we are hosting our Craft Club 3 for March!
    I am looking forward to another creative night with a fresh batch of amazing ladies!!
    Last week our group in Craft Club 2 were a pleasure and I enjoyed spending the evening
    and creating with each and every one of them!
    Craft Club is honestly good for the soul!!
    Everyone leaves happy and inspired!
    March Craft Club
    Our April Craft Club:  Vintage Scrappy Fabric Wreaths is SOLD OUT!!
    I am honored that so many ladies choose to spend their evening with me and we have
    filled 4 different Craft Clubs for the month of April.
    We are also hosting a Mommy & Me Craft Afternoon and have 2 spots still available if you are interested.  All of our Craft Clubs are listed under our Events page on our
     Facebook page you can check it out here:

    I'll leave you with a few photos from Craft Club 2 last week!

    Craft Club

    It never ceases to amaze me that every table receives that same exact supplies
    however each and every canvas has turned out so incredibly unique!!!
    I will be planning another canvas art craft club soon....everyone really enjoyed it!

    Craft Club

    Smile pretty ladies!

    Craft CLub

    ----Live A Creative Life---
    March Craft Club


    Thanks for popping in!

    Wednesday, March 12, 2014

    March Craft Club @ The Nest

    March Craft Club Round 1 was a BLAST!
    We had an amazing group of ladies that created
    the most unique Flower Petal Canvas Art!
    I am honored this month to be hosting three Craft Clubs
    and am excited to create with the other groups of ladies too!
    Getting ready for Craft Club is a lot of fun too.
    We supply all the ladies with everything they need to create their projects.
    Paint, paint, and MORE paint.
    I think I bought every single color!

    It is amazing how all the ladies turned these blank canvas into something
    so special and unique! We never have two projects look the same they are always so different.
    Setting the scene for Craft Club.

    We had two giveaways this month!
    One lucky lady won a basket from Earth Eats and another
    won a "Free Craft Club" certificate.
    It is fun to add a "little" extra for the ladies that join us!

    Once the ladies arrive they mingle, get some snacks, and drinks
    then get down to creating!

    The atmosphere is so happy and colorful during Craft Clubs.

    Group shot of everyone working!


    Some girls come in groups and some come alone...but everyone leaves making new friends!

    Our very own "Sweet Love Cookies" made it to Craft Club too!
    Crystal is also making Cake Pops and Suckers too!!
    The Cake Pops are simple need to
     stop by the store to try one!

    Group Shot-Missing a few...they were still working busily!
    Craft Club 1 was a hit!!
    Thank you to all the ladies that attended!!
    We are now getting ready to release the dates for our April Craft Club..stay tuned!
    Also...become a "follower" of the blog and stay up to date with what is
    happening around The Nest!!
    Stay Warm Today!