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Sunday, October 28, 2012

2 weeks to go....till the Craft Show!!!!!

I only have 2 weeks to go until 
my very first Craft Show!!

We have been busy little bees over here
getting ready for it. All hands have been on
deck--my mom, mother-in-law and #1 hubby
have been hands down the BEST HELPERS!!!

Thank you so very much for believing in 
me and helping me out!!!

Here is a sneak peek of what we have been up to:

My hubby made this box for me complete with
a little "love note" wishing me good luck on 
the bottom of it!!! I LOVE HIM!!!

My friend designed the sign across the front and it 
looks amazing.  I cannot wait to see the rest 
of the signs she made for me in 
all their glory!!

I put together this wreath over the weekend.
A little bit of "non-tradition" Christmas style.
It is stinkin cute in person and I may not
be able to part with it!!

My mom helped me finish the rest of my photo blocks.
We are going to have such an amazing selection of 
things to choose from!!

I have been reading up on some random craft show information
and trying to put together my "Final To Do List".

Help with craft shows

There are so many websites out there that help
guide you through all the little details.
So many things to remember!!!!

Craft Fair Checklist

I have to remember to pack a 
Craft Show First Aid Kit-ya just never know!!!

pricing formula

The last thing I have to do is price all the products.
This is the hard part but I am going to
a craft show this upcoming weekend to
peek at fellow crafters and hopefully gain some insight!!

This week is going to be busy filled with CRAFTING-CRAFTING-
Halloween---A Mother-Son Night at Andrews school 


Weekend Review....

I have to say...we had a good weekend at our place.
Even though the weather was dreary we
enjoyed staying nestled inside 
with a warm fire going!!  

I am a summer girl at heart BUT
I gotta say Fall has a special place
 in my heart too!!

Friday night my mother-in-law was nice enough to cut 
all of this fabric for me!!

I turned all the fabric into a happy garland for across
my table at the craft show!!!

Saturday morning was coffee and Lego time.
Andrew is always building something
new at the coffee table.

We also watched Prep-n-Landing!
Crazy right......Andrew is already asking
to watch it....Christmas is on its way.

This weekend Andrew also started Rug Rat Basketball.
He seemed to enjoy it!

Saturday night we had the pleasure of watching
my nieces and nephew.  All the kids were great and
I enjoyed spending time with them-just us!

Sunday night Kev helped me get Andrew's Halloween
costume ready-he is already sporting his Super Mario hat!

Lastly we carved pumpkins together and roasted the seeds!
They are shining bright outside!

We have a few more to do but I think we are
going to paint them--one clean up was enough!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and are
ready to start a new week!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday at Last!!!

We made it to Friday and it feels so good!!!
The weather here is gloomy.  
Why is it that during the week it is sunny and warm and then 
the weekend comes and BAM-dreary and cold.

They say we are suppose to get hit with a storm
in the next few days, they are calling it "Frankenstorm!"

I am making my own sunshine tonight!!


I was lucky to get home early from work 
today and get Andrew off the bus.  He was excited to 
see me at the end of the driveway!

While I was waiting I took a few pics of what I was up to 
with my few minutes of spare time!

All the trees going down our driveway are just
about bare...Winter is coming.

I browsed the newest Ballard Design while waiting
for the bus---it is filled with lots of good stuff for
the holidays.

I was also playing around with my camera--
it has been acting funny lately?

My peanut all out of his school clothes enjoying 
a snack!! I LOVED being able to get him
off the bus today...made my day!

Our dog Pez-she is nuts over the barn
cats--she goes crazy each time she sees
them.  Here she is about ready to jump
out the glass door!

Getting home early I actually got some time to check
out this new book my mother-in-law picked up
for me earlier this week.  It was nice of her to be thinking
about me--thanks Mom T!

I came across this page and it looked so happy and
festive!! Can you believe Christmas is only 2 months
away-it is exciting and overwhelming at the
same time.

Another good page out of my new book with
a lot of good projects!!

Well the hubby is home and I am off to the kitchen 
to make some homemade waffles, bacon and of course coffee!
We are having breakfast for dinner!!

Hope everyone had a good day and are
ready for the weekend!!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Friend Is AMAZING....

I asked my good friend Amy a favor and boy did she deliver!!!
I needed signs for my upcoming craft show and knew just the gal for the job!!

I am sooooooo HAPPY with the proof and
cannot wait to see them in person!!

Thank you so much Amy!!!

You have put the biggest smile on my face today!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!!

It's raining----a lot with thunder right now!!

 The gloomy weather always reminds me of "home".
Being home all nestled in with my two favorite guys! 

rain rain rain

It would be fun to take Andrew outside and jump in the puddles!
He would love it!!!

would love some wellies!

These mud boots would make puddle
jumping so much fun!!!!

When it is gloomy and rainy out a homecooked meal is essential..

If I was at home I would love to be making the
folllowing for dinner: 

Brown sugar and dijon glazed pork loin 

This looks amazing and I bet it would taste as good as it looks....
brown sugar and dijon glazed pork loin....Yum!!

Baked Potatoes Casserole with Cream Cheese, Bacon, and Garlic

This side dish has my hubby written all over it for sure.....
Baked Potatoes Casserole with Cream Cheese, Bacon, and Garlic...again YUM!!

Reese's cheesecake brownies = Heaven!

And dinner is not complete without a good desert......

Reese's cheesecake brownies =
OMGOODNESS these would not last a minute in my house!!!

Well that was wishful thinking!!
Now back to reality!!

And remember..............

Love me a rainbow and dancin' in the rain

Has anyone spotted a rainbow today!?


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Recap #5

Another weekend in the books and it was a good one!
Friday night my sister-in-law stopped over 
with my nieces and nephew.  
We got to visit over coffee while the kids ran around happy!  
Then we spoiled them and made SMORES fireside!!

Katie roasting the perfect marshmallow!!!

Andrew showing off all the gooey goodness that 
he very much so enjoys! 
Gotta admit I had a SMORE too and is was great!!!

After Andrew went to bed Kev and I hung out on
the couch and watched some t.v. together!
I love the quietness when Andrew is asleep and it is just
the two of us going over our day etc. and chit 
chatting about everything and anything!!

Saturday I had coffee with Andrew and the Seven Dwarfs!

The weather was nuts on Saturday one minute it would be
raining and the next minute the sun would be shining.
There had to be an awesome rainbow out there somewhere!!

Saturday turned into crafting madness.
My mom came over to help-she has been a lifesaver!!
We crafted for 5 1/2 hours-no exaggeration-
and made a total of 41 Book Page Christmas Trees.
Andrew and I did a little dance when I finished the last one!!

Here are all 41 Book Page Christmas Trees 
lined up and ready to go!!  

Saturday night when I got into bed I found this
picture colored for me and placed on my pillow!!!
Melt my heart!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday was ANOTHER craft-a-thon!!
Time is ticking to my first craft show so 
needless to say a glue gun has
been in my hand non-stop!!
My mom and I took over the kitchen island and 
were able to get some projects completed.
I made 4 wreaths and they all turned 
out so stinkin cute!!!

This wreath has turned into one of my favorites!!
I love the different textures between the chunky yarn,  
the felt, and  3 glittery ornaments making an appearance!!

I also made a few OSU wreaths!!

We ended our weekend with a trip to Dairy Queen and 
Pez joined in on all the fun too!!

What did you guys do this weekend!?


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Favorite Chick Flick!!

Today has been a rainy, dreary and cold day.
It would have been a perfect day to watch
a chick flick in front of the fire.

My favorite chick flick is-
It's Complicated
everytime I want to watch it my
husband asks me if I am sick of
that movie....and um "hello, NO!"

Its Complicated=favorite movie!!

Pinned Image

I love the house they used for this movie.
It is amazing....I would pack up my family and move right in!!!
I want a swing like the one they had hanging in the front yard.
My hubby actually has an area all ready for a swing to be
hung we just need to get a swing!! 
Have I told you guys I love my hubby he is the best and I am a lucky gal!!

Pinned Image

Hello gorgeous kitchen & dining room combo-LOVE!!!
I don't think I would ever leave this area!

Pinned Image

The entire house in this particular movie is inspiring.
I am a believer that you should make your house "your home"
and allow it to reflect yourself. 
My house is my hobby. 
 I will share it with you guys soon!!

Pinned Image

The potting shed in this movie is even breathtaking.....maybe
one day I can have a potting shed similar to this one and her garden too!!
I am pretty sure I have a "crush" on everything in this movie!!

Pinned Image

Last but not least the bakery.....

What is your favorite chick flick or do you
have a movie that inspires you?


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Currently the sun is shining and it is 70 degrees out  
...too bad tomorrow the cold temps return but 
for now we are happy!!!

Andrew and I thought it would be a good idea to
make chocolate chip cookies!!

 It's nice having a helper in the 
kitchen once in awhile. 
 He was waiting so patiently to lick all the goodness off the mixing bowl!

Gotta love cookie dough!!

Ready to be eaten and boy have we
been eating them!!

Currently I only have 4 weeks to the craft show---
I am on a strict deadline now---
hence using the dry erase board to keep 
me focused and on task!!

I currently have A LOT of lists and post-its stuck
everywhere in order to remember everything
that I still need to get done.

Oh and I got my acceptance letter for my
second craft show in December!!!!

This is the book currently on my nightstand and it is
jammed pack with lots of good tips and information. 

Currently I have to make about a 1/2 wreaths a night!!
I made this one--it still needs something?????

And I made this one-and I am a fan of the black
and yellow combination for sure!  
To bad this color is no where in my house!!

And lastly here is my date for the night!!

What are you currently doing!?