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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time's A Ticking!!!

Lately blogging has taken a backseat...I think about it but haven't found
the time or made the time to sit down and be consistent with my blog posts lately-sorry!!

We have been busy around here.
Summer is in full swing at our house.
The temps have finally warmed up which makes me smile!
I love the heat and cannot get enough of the sun.....
it puts an extra pep in my step for sure!

The store "our store" The Nest has really come along way...
I will post some pics soon...promise. 
As I am working on this blog post I can hear my
#1 man pounding, cutting, and working on my sandwich 
board to use for outside of the store to write daily messages on!
I LOVE him and he has been simply THE BEST and 
most SUPPORTIVE hubby.

We are having a Family & Friends Preview this Sunday.
I am excited to open the doors to all our loved ones and share
our store with all of them.  Many of our family and friends still are
unsure of what The Nest is really all about so it will
be nice for them to see it firsthand!!

A lot of our family members have been pitching in and helping us
get ready to is nice to be able to share this experience with the
people that mean the most to us and who believe in us.

To see what is going on with The Nest 
check out our Facebook page!! 

Have a good night!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Let's Play Catch Up!!!!

Grab a coffee and let's recap!
So much has gone on in our neck of the woods-
good stuff, bad stuff, sad stuff-you name it.

Let's begin with my brand new nephew, Luca Joseph!!
My "baby" sister gave birth to the most precious little boy
over two weeks ago!! If anyone has been following
might remember that she was "suppose" to have a girl........
well I guess in life there are never 100% guarantees and this new bundle of joy was no exception to the rule!!

We are going to see Luca today.....
I can't wait to snuggle with him!!

Onto other news...Summer is officially here!
On Andrew's last day of school we had an ice cream date!

 In between all the rain we have been getting we have
been spending a lot of time outside.

 Summer is my favorite season of them all!
I spend a lot of time on our deck hanging out 
and soaking up the sun!

This Summer brings new adventures for us as a family
one chapter in our lives has ended and a brand new chapter is just beginning.

Our store...The Nest opens in less then a month!!
We will be opening the doors to the public on 
July 9 @ 10:00 am!
We have been working, working, working on the store and 
it is all starting to come together.  
I cannot wait to share my little slice of 
HaPpInEsS with everyone!!

It is a brand new week!!
Make it a good one!