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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Busy But Productive Weekend!

This weekend was a busy but very productive one.
Kev came home from traveling all week and we had a jammed
pack weekend. In between baseball, a birthday party, 
and a bridal shower we managed to get 
some work done for the store.   

Things are moving along with the store
and we are slowly but surely checking things off of our
"to-do" lists!!  

We are planning our Family and Friends
Nest Preview and our Grand Opening...all good stuff!!

Painting...Painting...Painting is something I have
been doing a lot of lately!! 

I was able to get a lot of picture frames painted and sanded.

All the picture frames turned out really cute!
They are colorful and simply make me smile!

I had a little helper this weekend....Andrew jumped right in
and helped me prime a bookshelf!!

I also made a bunch of new throw pillows for the store.

Tonight Kev and I packed up the truck and headed to the store for 
our very first drop off of furniture!!! 
It is exciting to know that we can begin staging the store and 
continue to move things in!!

Just a little peek at a few of the smaller pieces we brought to the store tonight.
I am totally head over heels for the paint color, Mint!
I see a lot of things painted in this color in the near future!!

And finally we put up our window decals tonight!!
The Nest is on it's way to becoming our small gem in Chardon and
I cannot wait to share it with our family and friends!!

I hope everyone had a good weekend....tomorrow starts
a brand new week...make it a good one!!!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Baseball Time!!!

It's baseball season again in our house and this year 
Andrew is on the Compass Comets!! 
Go Comets!!
We have three games this it is keeping us busy. 
This is Andrew's second year playing and I can see a lot of growth
from last season which is exciting.

Quick pic before we headed up to the field.
He insisted on wearing one sock up and one sock down..odd-YES!!!

The boys warned up before the game fielding grounders.
Andrew is #11!!
That was my number all through high school!!!

Right before the game they are all huddled up with Coach Rath!
Poor Kev is missing all the games this week due to traveling :(

Now onto some action shots from the game!!

Good Game Comets!!!!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stress=Eating Cheesecake At Night!!!

Let's just start this post off by saying....I love my hubby but HATE that he 
bought the BEST CHEESECAKE EVER from Heinen's and I am sitting here
eating a gigantic piece with a glass of milk----GOD HELP  ME!!!!!

Anyhow lets move on!!!
It has been a stressful week.
How has your week been?
Tomorrow is only Wednesday can you believe that!!!?
I am off on Friday though so that makes me happy!
Tonight I managed to squeeze some time on
 completing a few projects for the store.  
The store "our store"........The coming along.
It is still strange to think that Kev and I now own a store.
I don't think it has really sunk in yet.
This week I get to pick up the window decals and
I am excited to see how they turned out!!!

I have been "pinning" some store inspirational pictures...check them out!

I am putting together all my thoughts for my front windows.
I want them to make a statement and after making tissue paper
pom pom balls for my sister's shower they are a must!!

Love this picture and love the chandelier!!
I am on the hunt for a good one!!

Lastly I found this quote and it stuck with me............

Well I hope you didn't mind my rambling too much tonight!
I feel like I need to run a mile now to work off my sugar high from my cheesecake!!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nervous Energy

It is Wednesday...half way thru the week and
only 18 days of school until Summer vacation! 
I only have 18 days left in my classroom until
I make the BIG JUMP to running our
own store, The Nest!! 

I have so much nervous energy these days that I feel
like I am running in circles and my mind is on complete
overload!  I found this quote and it pretty much sums
up this career transition I am making.....

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Sister's Baby Shower (A Week Late)...

My mom and I had my sister's baby shower at my house last week... 
we had a great time...the weather was perfect and sharing this
special occasion with all our family and friends was perfect.

The countdown is in full force now until the birth of my niece...
my sister is due June 1 (my 11th wedding anniversary!!) and
I cannot wait to meet her!!!

The house was ready for all the guests to arrive...and then
all at once the whirlwind of hosting a party began!!!

My sister received so many good gifts....I am not used to seeing so much pink in my house!!!

The Parents To Be!!!

Andrew had to make sure to get in on all the action.
He adores Auntie Lissa!

Presents-Presents-and MORE Presents!!!

My grandma crocheted the baby a blanket.
My grandma has crocheted each one of her grandchildren and great grandchildren their
own blankets so it is special to us.

During the shower I found these two.....cruising around the pond!

Today my mom and I drove down to my sister's other baby shower thrown by
her friends and family on Corey's side.
It was so very nice and absolutely gorgeous!
It was nice being a guest at this shower and getting to 
sit down and take it all in.  
I was happy to see my sister surrounded by so many
people that care for her in her new hometown. 

The cupcakes were DELICIOUS!!!!

Me, My Mom, and My Sister!!
I am glad we got to be apart of this shower too.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
It is time to start a new week!