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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Birthday Bliss @ Home!!

A quiet night is just what the doctored order for my
birthday!! We had our own little bash with yummy pizza
and Reese Cup Tree's for desert!!

Andrew had a school project that he needed
to complete so we all pitched in and
he created his own Christmas tree!
It turned out cute and he enjoyed
doing it!!

After the Christmas tree fun-my boys surprised me
with a candle lit Happy Birthday song....they sung to me
and it was super sweet!!!!

I look exhausted in this picture.
Kev brought home Reese Cup Trees and
we all sat on the couch and indulged in all
their goodness!!! I have a weakness for
anything that has chocolate and peanut butter together!!

Once Andrew was settled in bed for the night I took
advantage of some quiet time and got to work on a project
for tomorrow's craft show!
It is amazing how disasterous your house can get
while you are crafting...but at least it is a
happy mess!!
"This isn't a mess - it's creative freedom" ~ Free Printable by The DIY Mommy

 Love this quote it fits my house perfectly while I am
in Craft Show prep mode!!

Finished project.....Scrap Fabric Ornaments!!!
These have turned out so stinkin cute they are so
happy they just may put a smile on your face!!!

Tonight on my way home from work I am stopping
at a local craft show to scope it out!!
I heard it is a good one so I am
excited to see what other crafters are
creating and selling!!!

Tomorrow night I have my THIRD
craft show-I am super excited
for it and hope there is a good turn out!!

If you haven't already...come "LIKE" HOMESPUN
on facebook!!
 you can check us out using Instrgram
you can find me using....stalty.

What have you guys been up to lately!?

Have a good day everyone!
Stephanie ;)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birthday Fun & Randomness

Tomorrow is my birthday.
I will be 34.
My family has spoiled me this year.
I didn't really want anything this year..honestly..
however my hubby, mom, and mother-in-law
all insisted otherwise!!
 I am thankful that they wanted to make my birthday
special it means a lot to me.
It was nice celebrating with all of them over the past few days.
And for tomorrow (on my actual birthday) it will be just
me and my boys and a yummy pizza!!
Pinned Image

Check out all my cool loot-
I received a lot of "Steph stuff" like Dunkin
Donuts coffee, a new magazine, an owl cookie jar,
an owl door decoration, a cool new coffee cup with
a crochet cozy wrapped around it, a new CD and a 
lottery ticket!!  Good thing my future sister-in-law was
here to help me I thought I lost on my scratch off but I 
actually won $20!!!!!

Thanks guys-you guys rock and 
definitely know what I like!!

After the birthday festivities I found Pez
lounging in the living have a dog's life!!!

On a random note....I am currently burning this candle...

This candle smells amazing----it is sort of a manly
smell which is not my usual preference but I 

Lastly this box of ornaments is my date for the night..
I have a craft that I want to get done for my next Craft
Show using them and I cannot wait to see how
it turns out!!

Well I am going to go make a pot of coffee, fold some clothes,
pay some bills and get ready to craft while
my boys are at wrestling practice!!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Weekend Recap

We had a long enjoyable weekend.
I like long weekends were you actually
feel like you had a chance to catch up on
things around the house and just enjoy being at home.

If you haven't caught on I AM A HOMEBODY!!

This weekend we had an early birthday dinner/celebration
 with my sister and brother-in-law and they announced that they
are "expecting"...... it was the best gift could have received!!! 
I am so happy for the both of them!!

Our elf "Eddie" keeps popping up in all kinds of places
around the house.  It is the first thing Andrew does when
he gets out of bed--he goes looking for "Eddie"!

We went and got our Christmas Tree this weekend.
We always get a real tree...I love the smell that the tree
brings inside our house. We have begun decorating around the house
but I have not gotten any farther then the tree...there are a few things
I would like to make and I have to go through our Christmas boxes
still and "fluff the house" for the holidays.

Amen.....I love cutting down are own tree!!

Andrew was so excited to decorate that we
got down to business right away.
It was a bit stressful I am not going to lie and
there were a few broken ornaments but he had
a good time so that is all that matters!

This picture makes me laugh!!
Kev helped Andrew put the star on the top
and they are standing on a chair and they
are still having trouble!!!
We are vertically challenged in our house!
But they did it!!

Decorations complete!
I left off a lot this year...I just wasn't feeling the
beaded garland, the bows, or more store bought ornaments.
Instead we covered it in ornaments that Andrew made or
 were passed down to us as gifts.
It's simple this year and it looks great!

Sunday morning we woke up to the first snowfall.
Kev put the snow poles down the drive and got his tractor ready 
to plow the drive....we are officially ready here in the snow belt!!
Bring it on!!!

I got an early birthday present--a new coffee cup!
I am so predictable!
I saw it at Dunkin Donuts and told my hubby 
it's all I wanted or needed!!

I love watching Andrew "play" when he thinks nobody is
watching him!!  Like his mismatched jammies!!?
Good thing Santa has already purchased a few new pairs!

On Sunday I set off to my second craft show.
My mudroom was filled with stuff for the show. 
It went o.k. not a lot of traffic but we still sold some items and
broke even so I am happy with that!
We have another show this coming Friday night-
and I am really looking forward to it!!

Here is my booth--don't mind the orange totes I 
needed something quick to put my chalkboards on
so I had to compromise style for functionality!
I think I may ask my hubby to make me 
some sort of stand/holder!!?
I love a man with power tools that likes to help me out!!

Here I am taking a quick pic!!

Well I hope everyone had a very nice holiday weekend
and are ready to start a brand new week!!

Stephanie ;)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Thanksgiving....

We spent our Thanksgiving at my sister-in-laws house.
It was a quiet, laid back, and a very nice Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving morning was kicked off with browsing all
the Black Friday adds and watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
I hit the stores running this year and managed to get some
good deals.  Did anyone else brave the 
Black Friday shopping madness!? 

I was in charge of a side dish this year...
and made Corn and Pepper Casserole
from the following cookbook......

It turned out good....just a needed a "little extra time" 
then recommended to bake.

At my sister-in-law's we each had to write down what we are
Thankful for and add to the tree. It was nice
to see and listen to what everyone was writing down!
Lynn always has something up her sleeve for us
to do and I love that!! 

Later that night our elf "Eddie" flew into town and will
be staying with us until Christmas Day!!

Andrew went nuts this morning when he realized
he was sitting on the mantle with a note and 
movie from Santa!!!  

Do you guys have an Elf on the Shelf, too!?
I am going to try some new stuff with our elf this
year just to make it more fun around the house!!

Tonight it is Family Movie Night!!
We are going to pop in the new movie and make
some popcorn and hot chocolate!!

How was your Thanksgiving?

Stephanie ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Around Here Today

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am
home early today from work getting
ready for a nice long holiday weekend.

Andrew came with me to work today and
enjoyed himself-it was nice having
 him with me.

Around here for the rest of the day
we are planning on just hanging out and
slowing things is what we all need!!

While at the store this afternoon I spotted 
this yarn! YAY!!!!
I had to get it-
I am making a scarf for myself with this pretty stuff and
I cannot wait to start it so I can see how it turns out.

The mail today was filled with a bunch of new
magazines--I love getting new magazines
in the mail and I have a long weekend
to look at them!!

Right now I am prepping for some crafting tonight.
My mom is stopping over to help me sand, paint, and
create new photo blocks.

We have another craft show this coming Sunday
so I am putting together things that I sold
out of and need replenished.

Well I think I am going to grab Andrew and
take a walk outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Have a good night!

Stephanie ;)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In The Mood For Color

 Whoo Hoo for one day
closer to the end of the week!!

It is going to be a long day for me though.

I have parent-teacher conferences so

I won't get to see my favorite two guys till 8:30-BOO!!

I am in the mood for some COLOR today.
Just some pretty pops of color to brighten this
long day seemd fitting.

I found a lot of pictures I LOVE--grab a cup of coffee and ENJOY!

Pinned Image

Love all these fabric flowers!

Pinned Image

I could not imagine having all of the Sharpies.
I use Sharpies all the time and to have a supply
like this would make me super happy!!

Pinned Image

Appropriate quote for when you "think" you
are having a bad day. 

I would like to hang this print in my house.

Pinned Image


This front porch has to be the happiest place to sit
and rock with loved ones!!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

I wonder if they make these boots in adult sizes!?

Pinned Image

Would be fun to make for someone's birthday!!

Pinned Image

Books and Rainbows-YAY!!

Pinned Image

Freshly sharpened color pencils in a very clever holder!
It must be the teacher in me I LOVE brand new school supplies!

Pinned Image

Heartfelt quote.

Pinned Image

How about some scoops of HAPPY!?

Pinned Image

The Craft House from Meg @ WHATEVER...
she is my first blog crush!!

Pinned Image

I wonder where thesse happy stairs lead to!?

Pinned Image

 I hope these pictures spread a little sunshine today!!
I know they made me happy!

Have a good Tuesday everyone!

Stephanie :) 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekends=Family Time!

Hello Hello Hello
It was a good weekend-a few bumps...but overall good.
Around here weekends=family time!
During the week our schedules are so hectic
that on the weekends anymore we
are true homebodies...and that is o.k. with me!

We kicked off our weekend with a visit from
my sister-in-law and her kiddos!

The "bestest" cousins ever-as Andrew says!
After this group shot they each wanted their
"own" turn to shine!!




And sweet baby Charlotte!!
She was so delightful and it was nice snuggling with her!!
I am a lucky auntie I have a good bunch of nieces and
nephews and my son is head over moon when he
gets to spend time with them.

The boys were rocking out Play-Doh with the SMURFS!!

After the crowd went home and Andrew was in
bed I got to crafting!! I am in another 
show this coming Sunday!!  
HOMESPUN is getting busy and it is so 
very exciting!!

Saturday morning I headed out for some 
inspiration with my mom.  
We headed to a nearby town and hit our two favorite stores!!
Ohhhhhh and while in this store something exciting happend...
fingers crossed that's all I can say for now!!!

I LOVE the color of this newspaper box.
It just screams "happy" to me.
I get excited over the smallest things.

This store was decked out in all it's Christmas best!!
When do you start decorating for Christmas?

Later that day-Kev did yard work and Andrew hitched a ride!

I then had to take pictures of my Book Page
Christmas Trees and send them in an email---
again fingers crossed!!

Late Saturday night while my men were fast asleep 
I did some more crafting.  
I am working on a few new items
to add to our next three shows.

I made a few fabric garlands...they look so
stinkin cute hanging up on the mantel!

Sunday morning we were welcomed by the sun!!!
Andrew cracks me up--he is STILL
adding to his Christmas list!!

I could live in an area were the sun shines everyday.

Sunday afternoon Andrew and I made homemade
chocolate pudding.

Later that day we had a "family date" 
and we headed to the book store.
I had all my supplies while Andrew played trains--
a Starbucks and a stack of awesome books and magazines.
I had self-restraint today and walked out empty handed.

 Check this book's about Owls--
the illustrations inside are really cute.
It put a smile on my face to bad when I 
was looking at it Andrew proceeded to say
"girl alert-girl alert".

Well now I am going to grab a cup of coffee and a snack
and head to the couch for a bit next to my number #1.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.
I have a feeling it is going to be a busy week!!

Stephanie :)