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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Craving Sunshine!

Sorry it has been got in the way with
day-to-day things happening around our neck of the woods.
It's another "gray" day here and the sunshine seems to
only POP out once in awhile for a brief moment.
I LOVE the heat and I LOVE the sunshine so this weather is starting to get me down!
I am ready to get my hands dirty and work in my yard & garden....I have BIG plans
this year for our is going to be fabulous if I can pull it all off!!
Poor Kev he doesn't know what is coming when the weather finally breaks.
So many ideas are swirling around my head I though I would share with you.....
garden shed | Cool Garden Sheds That Make Any Garden Better » A Light-Filled Garden ...

I want an outside potting shed/ shelter really bad!!!
I have been telling Kev about my ideas....I am HOPING one day he gets on board!
I would like to make it all out of old windows, doors, barn wood etc.
the older the materials the better!
I am thinking down by our pond it would be perfect!!!!
Turquoise rain boots

These mud boots are calling my name!
Gotta have a good pair of mud boots when you live in the country.
My Top Five Garden Junk Posts of 2013

Loving this hanging basket inside an old's on my list!
Could use the old door for a garden
An old door painted and distressed with some flowers....yep...on my list too!
Cottage porch

I want to turn my front entry way into a quaint little spot for hanging out
so I  can sit and watch Kev and Andrew play basketball....
my list of things I want to do this Spring keeps on growing....
I just need the weather to get better so I can start getting busy on all my projects.
pumpkin patch....remember the blue skies and crafts and fun hay rides?

Andrew and I have already planted seeds for our garden this year.....
I am DETERMINED to have a pumpkin patch!!!!!!
I want to grow pumpkins of all shapes and colors!
 In the Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. { Margaret Atwood } #quotes #digin
 I am ready to smell like dirt and get dirty!
Are you ready!?
Bring it on!


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