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Thursday, March 28, 2013


It is official Andrew and I are both on
Whooo Hooo!!!!!!

Tonight I took him to Rugrat Track practice and
was able to manage a few snap shots!

I like his "ready to run" position
in this picture!!

And he is off!!
I wanted to yell
"run Andrew run"!

You know your kids are getting old when they
now participate in after school 
is true when people say that time flies.

In this picture he is practicing his jumping!!

Andrew and his buddy Adam listening to their coach!

Tomorrow is our first official day of Spring Break
and it is going to be blissful!!  
The whole family is home tomorrow so I am sure there will be plenty of 
lounging, coffee drinking, and cartoon watching in the morning.

Have a good night!
Steph ;)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby Shower Ideas

My sister is having a baby girl in less then 10 weeks and
I could not be more happy for her and my brother-in-law!
They are both going to make wonderful parents and I
cannot wait to see my sister as a "mommy"!!
My mom and I are throwing her a baby shower soon and
I have been collecting ideas on Pinterest. 
I HOPE I can pull all my ideas together to add some
special details to her big day!!

It would be so nice to set up a cozy gift opening area in my yard...
I am just hoping that there is no snow for her shower!!

I love this idea if utilizing an old changing table as a drink station.
Everything in one place would be great!!
I need to keep an eye out for an old changing table at garage sales this summer.

Hello...GORGEOUS back drop!!

I so very badly would love to set up an area in my house for people to do this for
her and the baby!!

I hope to make many many many tissue paper flowers!!

I so wanted to do this..but the secret is already out of the bag!

I never found out what I was having when I was pregnant with Andrew.
 Kev and I both wanted the "surprise" but no one seems to wait  these days.
How about you, did you find out when yoe were expecting or did you wait it out!?

This weekend my sister is coming in town and we are working on her favors
and shower shopping it should be a good time!! 
I cannot wait to welcome another little bundle of joy into our lives!!
Well now that I shared some of my ideas I need
to get busy and get things done!!

Happy Hump Day!!
Steph ;)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching Up...

It's Monday evening already and a new week is in full swing.
At the end of the week Andrew and I both start Spring Break and
I am so looking forward to it!! 
It is like a breath of fresh air knowing I have some time off
of work and get to spend it with my little man! 
Bring on the lazy morning with coffee and cartoons and snuggles!
I have so many things I want to accomplish and I 
hope to get them all done.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather gets
better too-since last night we got more snow. 
 It is really starting to get depressing as I sit her and type out
this post giant snowflakes are falling steadily.  
It is pretty but it is time that God shuts off the snow machine.

This is how I felt when I got out of bed this morning...
I kept hitting snooze and wanted to stay in bed!!!
Note to self......hitting snooze and getting out of bed late is
not worth the running around like a crazy lady to make up for lost time!!!


We had a nice weekend and Kev and I even had a date!
We took a trip to Target to get everything ready for Easter...there
is so much good "eye candy" in Target right now!!

I also did a little "craft show prep/baby shower prep" shopping and
came home with a super happy bag filled with goodies!!
Over Spring break I plan on breaking out the sewing machine!

Check it out I picked up a brand new owl mug and a new magazine!!
Yep you know it two of my favorite things!!!
I am loving this wall collage over the console table and feel a project coming!!

Kev was busy with a project of his own in our room.
He built me some new shelving for storage and they are
going to make putting away blankets and other misc. 
linens so much easier!! 
Thank you babe!!!!  
Next step new closet doors!

This weekend I also got some items together that will be featured
at the Beachwood Community Center the entire month of 
April for their Up-Cycled Exhibit!!  
HOMESPUN will be featuring Book Page Christmas Trees,
 Book Page Wreaths, and Vintage Words Atlas Wreaths.

On Sunday we also went to a family birthday party and it included roller skating!
It was a lot of fun and today I am sore!
Andrew was a mess when he first got on the skates
but by the time we left he was getting the hang of it and said,
"mom this roller skating makes me feel like a teenager!"
He cracks me up with some of the stuff he says and thinks!!

It's been a long time since I had roller skates on but we had a lot of fun
and I think we will do it again!

Well that about wraps up what we did over this past weekend.
 I hope you had a good weekend too and got to spend
some quality time with your loved ones as well!!

Good Night Lovelies!!
Steph ;)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some Of My Favorite Pics....

Today is the First Day of Spring
and in Northeast, Ohio we are
under a Lake Effect Snow Warning-really!!!?
Spring will eventually get here and when it does
I will be welcoming it with open arms!

I am sitting here tonight just looking through old
pictures...and thought I would share some of my favorites!
Get ready for picture overload!
They are in no order what so ever!!
Looking is crazy how big Andrew has gotten.

He was such a little peanut!

The kid has eyes that will just cut right through you!

 First Day of Kindergarten 2012-2013.

The LOVES of my life.

Andrew is a total beach bum just like me!!

Frankfort, Michigan...we have to get back there!


Turning 6--
Super Mario Style!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

My Hoop Art Wall!

My Hoop Art Wall is complete and I
am very happy with the outcome!
I can't wait to get into bed tonight
so I can look over and see how happy
the space next to my side of the bed has become!

Check it out!!

I started with a bunch of random size embroidery
hoops that I have been picking up at the craft store.
I also gathered up all my fabric and picked colors
and patterns that I felt complimented each other!
Really I had no plan in mind and just went with it!
I think the hardest part was actually selecting 
what fabric I wanted to use.

Yesterday I started by laying it all out 
and picking my fabrics with what size hoop
I wanted it to go in...then I got busy!

Here are a few that were in the "making" stage!

I recently just purchased an owl canvas @ Marshalls 
and knew I had to incorporate it with my hoop art wall...
and it really completed the overall look and feel.

Kev helped me put it all up tonight and here is 
the final result!  Sorry about the lighting I will
get pictures over the weekend in daylight!

This is my new view next to my side of the bed!!
I love it!

A side view.

One more look!
I think I am going to pick up a few more smaller hoops and add
them in here and there as I collect more fabric that I like.

I definitely see more hoop art walls in my near future-my poor hubby!

Just thought I would share!
Have a good night!
Stephanie ;)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wrapping It Up.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
It is that time of the week to wrap it up!

My weekend started a day early with a sick little guy.
Andrew had the stomach bug for two days and it was not
pretty.  He is feeling much better now so that is a plus
and we can get back to our regular routines!  
There is nothing worse then a sick child...I always feel so bad and helpless.

Kev brought home a Keurig and it was a pleasant unexpected surprise.
I am still getting used to it. 
I still need to make it a permanent "happy home" on my counter for it.

Can you find my end table...ya me either!!!
Andrew has claimed this end table and insists
there is a reason to what I think looks like madness!!

Friday night we went to bed with snow falling........

And Saturday morning we woke up to a blanket of snow and a blizzard.
Spring cannot come fast enough for me.

Saturday I had my first craft show of the season and the snow 
was not a welcoming sight for me.  
The drive to the show was horrific but my mom and I made it safe and sound,

I took a few pictures of our booth at the show.
I am thinking I want a new table covering to add a nice POP of color!?

With the snow falling you would never know it was a Spring Craft Show!!

 My new picture frames were a hit!
They are so cheery!
I may have to make a few for myself.

I officially have my first show of the new year under my belt.
Overall it went well and we have a month till our next show!
Fingers crossed there won't be another snowstorm the day
of the show next time!!!

Saturday night we put a box of Lucky Charms out for Andrew, the next
morning he was so excited that the leprechaun left him something!
Andrew was so excited about the gift he had to eat breakfast right away.....
poor kid was choking down the cereal and said, "mom please don't
tell the leprechaun I don't like his cereal". It made me laugh!

Today my sister-in-law stopped over with my nieces and nephew.
It was nice seeing them and we had a nice visit!
This is my niece Charlotte she is getting so big.
I LOVE her she is starting to turn into her own little lady!

Today I also started putting together my hoop art wall!
I have all the hoops made and ready to be hung.  
I hope to hang them tomorrow night and then 
I will share my finished project!

Tonight we played Connect Four and Candy Land and just hung low 
gearing up for the brand new week.

How was your weekend!?
Did you do anything special!?

Stephanie ;)