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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Recap 2!!

Our weekend was filled with fun and excitement and we are currently recovering!

Friday night it started off with a sleep over for Andrew and Katie-
it is funny listening to them gab away when they think you are not listening!!

Saturday morning we got up early and started getting ready for Kev's
company clambake which was held at our house.  

We were busy-busy-busy.

Kev and I in our clambake t-shirts!!

 The tent was all ready for the guests to arrive!
We had amazing weather this year, full of sunshine!

Kev enlisted some helpers to help us out-my cousin Joe,
my brother-in-law Dan, and I LUCKED out because
my mother-in-law had the day off and helped me out immensely!!
Everyone worked together to pull this one off but we did it!

All the entire dinner besides the clams were cooked on an open
fire and it turned out amazingly good.  Here is Kev taking his turn rotating the chickens!
The chickens were from my sister-in-laws farm and were delicious!

Here is a picture of all the food ready to be taken off the fire and 
ready to be eaten.

The clams were done all 45 dozens of them and they all got 
eaten believe it or not.  
We only had 2 dozens left.

Sunday morning we woke up exhausted but pushed forward to head to 
my sister's for her birthday dinner! 
Andrew got right to work making a birthday card for, Auntie Lissa!

Front of my sister's house all decked out for Fall!
Super Cute Lis!!

I also admired her new front wreath she had hung!
I think we could go into business together for sure!

My sister sent my home with this bag full of fabric and felt rolled
flowers that she was happy enough to make me for all the
wreaths I need to get decorated for the craft show.

I only have 6 weeks to get ready for the show and
major crafting will be happening!!

Finally in the mail I received 2 new books and 2 new magazines-
my heart did a little "pitter patter" when I saw my 2 new books!!

Looks like after Andrew goes to sleep tonight 
have some good reading to start!!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and are ready for a brand new week!

Did anyone do anything exciting!?


Friday, September 28, 2012


Friday is finally here and I cannot be more excited.

This has been another busy week and we have
a busy weekend on tap too, a clambake
and my sister's birthday!!!

This morning I was browsing pictures on the internet that  put a smile on my face and
hope they make you smile too!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

All the pictures are from my Pinterest account
come check me out!!!

Pinned Image

Would love to make this heart with Andrew and hang it in our
house-not sure it would turn out this cute though!?

Pinned Image

Super Cute!!!

Pinned Image

I sooo want a granny apple smith green clawfoot tub
when we get around to re-doing our current bathroom!!

Pinned Image 

Fall decorating is in full gear at our place and this
picture is pure inspiration!!

Pinned Image 

Love these pumpkins, I might have to give them a try!!

Pinned Image

This statement is so true!!!
Gotta love a good cup of coffee!!


This closet of yarn just screams--endless possibilities!!!

Daily Reminder

Yes, Today will be GREAT!!!!

Stephanie :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Life of a Mommy!!

I stumbled upon this quote today and thought I would share it!!

Last night I had Open House and when I got home (at 8:30 pm)  I still had to do
my "daily mommy chores" you know-pack lunches, clear out the sink of dirty dishes, get everyone's clothes ready for the next day etc. 

 My husband walked into the kitchen and had this look on his face
I asked him what he was thinking about and he said, "you never get to sit down". 

Why is it that as mommies we are always on the go and do not
take the time to be in the moment?  I am able to live in the moment when I am on Summer break and I truly miss that state of "peace of mind" oh how I wish it was Summer but for now I am going to embrace Fall and take some time to slow down and enjoy the small stuff that sometime's drives me mad!!! I

Tonight we have to head to the grocery store to shop for my hubbies company clambake
but after that I am snuggling in bed with Andrew as I read him his bedtime stories, then I am going to  curl up on the couch with a  good cup of coffee and of course my # 1 love (Kev) while watching the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy and I think I may even work on another wreath for the craft show!!!
That sounds like a perfect night and I am going to ENJOY it!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So this is where I spend most of my day teaching 22 First graders in room 106A!
We have been in school now for 24 days but who is counting!!!!

I have been teaching now for the past 10 years and sometimes I think to myself 
how did I ever get into this profession and on  other days I could not 
see myself doing anything else.
It is amazing how much you grow to love the kids you teach.  

This year I have a really good class and they make my job that much more rewarding.
I can say that each day I walk into my classroom with a list of objectives that I must 
teach that particular day but in the end sometime's my students are my teachers 
and I learn so much from them.

Welcome To My Classroom
Take A Look Around!!!!

View from the back of my room---
it is actually pretty clean right now too!

One side of my classroom-
I think I am going to put their desks back into groups this
set-up takes up way to much space.

This is our back carpet area where we spend a lot of time!

Other side of my room.

Owls in my classroom too!!
I just couldn't pass these guys up!!

The kids colored owls too!!
Why not!!?

Command Center=My desk!!

My Class all 22 smiling faces ready to go home for the day!!

Tomorrow night we have Open House!!

Anyone out there a First grade teacher like myself, if so
how is your year going!?

Stephanie :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Book Page Christmas Tree Tutorial!

Hello! My name is Stephanie and I blog over at
I am new to this world of blogging but have been a "blog stalker" for quite some time and decided that enough was enough and it was time to jump in with both feet!! 

I have followed Edie since I began "blog stalking" and was so over the moon when she selected me to be a guest blogger for her annual: 12 days of {Handmade} Christmas!

Grab a cup of coffee and gather all of your old books
so you can get busy creating your very own Book Page Christmas Tree!!

Book Page Christmas Tree How-To

Supplies Needed For Project:
4 inch clay pots 
Florist's foam
Wooden Skewers
Sheet Moss
Old Book
Sanding Block
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1:  Paint your clay pots with your desired color. 
found the colors "Cool Blue and Leafy Green" by DecoArt look the best once sanded. Painting does not have to be perfect since you will be sanding the pots down a bit 
once they are all dried.

Step 2:  Once pots are completely dry use a sanding block 
to rub some of the paint off to give them an aged or chippy look.

Step 3:  Using an old book cut out square pieces of paper starting from 4 1/2 inches and decreasing the size by 1/2 at a time. You will need more 4 1/2 and 4 inch squares so cut plenty of these sizes.

Step 4:  Place florist foam inside of the clay pot-you may have to trim around the edges so it fits snug in the pot.  Once florist foam is secured stick a skewer in the middle.

Step 5:  Using a hot glue gun cover the florist foam 
with moss-this is messy!!

Step 6: Start pushing the squares of  book pages onto the skewer.  Begin with the biggest squares at the bottom and continue moving up the skewer to the smallest squares 
at the top. As you are adding your book pages 
to the skewer it will begin to look like a tree!

Completed Project:


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Recap...

Why is it that weekends seem to go way too fast.

This weekend was a productive one-I bought a new car-yay!
I am now the proud owner of a Ford Fusion Sport-and I think
 my hubby is a bit envious!!  

Here is a quick weekend recap:

I love weekend mornings when the coffee is brewed and ready for enjoyment and I get to
relax and enjoy being with my two guys!

Nothing like a yummy smelling candle burning all morning either.
I have to say I cannot find a candle the burns and smells better then a Yankee Candle...there is
just something about them.

My little man eating breakfast and watching his morning cartoons--
he used to fit perfectly at the coffee table now he is just way too
big but he still insists on sitting there.

This weekend I also gathered all the wreaths that I need to decorate within the 
next few weeks---lots of good colors and textures to pick from for sure-
super excited about all of them!

I also painted-painted-painted clay pots getting them ready for book page Christmas trees.

I was able to complete quite a bit more book page Christmas trees-
check back for a step-by-step tutorial this week!

I started getting ready for Fall since it is officially Fall!
I bought my first two pumpkins-cannot wait to get more!
Lot's more fall decorating to do around the house and entry way but this is a start.

Baby Charlotte came over for the first time!
Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly we all went to Tractor Farm and Supply to start putting Andrew's 
Halloween costume together!

Can you believe Halloween is not that far away and Wal-Mart is already advertising for 
layaway for Christmas-YIKES!!!!

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know we did!


Thursday, September 20, 2012


This week seems like we have been on "the go" a lot and tonight was no exception.

I went to my first PTU meeting at Andrew's school after work and it was interesting, informational, and a bit long.  I dislike these type of days were I leave for work, work all day and then fulfill parental obligations and by the time I get home my peanut is fast asleep. 

I do not like feeling like I missed out on his day...and I know these days are far and few in between but sitting here I am teary eyed because I missed out on what excited him today or what may have bothered him today and that stinks. 

But on another much lighter note I recently checked out this book on CD and I think I may be hooked!  I am a reader but lately I have been so tired at night that I cannot finish a page let alone an entire chapter so I thought why not try a book in the car on my daily commute! 
At first it was strange trying to listen attentively and drive but now  I cannot wait to get back in the car to pick up where it left off.  Yes, I am a nerd and that is o.k. with me because I will definitely be checking out another book on CD this week!

I bought this yarn this week and am going to use it on a new wreath-super excited I think the texture of the yarn and the colors are just going to POP!

Lastly I cannot wait for the weekend to begin so I can spend as much time as possible with these two guys-they truly bring so much joy to my life.