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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Been A Blast!!

Today is the day...Our One Year Anniversary....
and I am feeling accomplished, grateful, happy, proud, and so excited for another year at The Nest!

One Year Ago Today:
  • The Nest opened it's doors in Chardon!
  • People thought we were crazy (and still might, lol)!
  • "We" believed "we" could and we "ARE"!
  • My career path changed and has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  
  • My hubby stood next to me as "we" took the leap of faith into a new adventure together.
  • I grew and pushed away uncertainties while pushing myself forward and reaching for one of my dreams.

    • We made it successfully to our 1 year mark and have never looked back!
    • Chardon has welcomed The Nest into its retail community and we are building an AmAzInG loyal customer base!
    • "We" are learning each day what it means to be a business owner within our community.
    • My hubby continues to be my #1 handyman and still believes in "us" and what we can achieve together.
    • I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do!
    • I work a lot and have never worked harder then I currently am but am enjoying every minute of it.
    • Wishing for another successful year with positive growth.
    • Want to "thank" everyone who has supported us in this unbelievable journey and know that each and everyone of you are truly appreciated!!
    •  Love that The Nest has brought so many amazing people into my life.
    • Feeling humbled that our monthly Craft Clubs have become such a positive event in our community and brings the most unique group of ladies together that all share the same passion!
    • Simply just want to say.....THANK YOU!!!!
    If you live in the surrounding area stop by on Sunday, July 13th from 12-5 pm for our One Year Anniversary Open House!!

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