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Thursday, January 31, 2013


It has been a week I tell ya.
I am so looking forward to waking
up tomorrow and it is Friday.
Fingers crossed for a Snow Day cause
that would be AMAZING!!!!!

I feel like I have a thousand things
I want to get done but there is just
not enough time these days.
I have been "over-thinking" a lot 
and it stresses me out.  

I actually broke down 
today at work talking to a friend simply
from all my frustration building up and then it
just bursted out of me in tears.


This picture pretty sums up everything that has been
swirling around in my head!! 

I feel like I am at a crossroads and I know I need to
move forward but the "unknown" scares  me.

stay gold | tumblr

Thankfully I have a KICK BUTT hubby who supports
any decisions I make and that is simply
the icing on the cake=I LOVE HIM.

Sorry-I didn't mean to be such a 
"Debbie Downer" in this post I guess
I just had to get some stuff off my chest so 
thanks for hanging in there with me!

Looking on the bright side though...this
weekend my sister and I are throwing 
a "surprise" 60th birthday dinner for my parents
and it should be a good time! My parents are great and
deserve to be spoiled once and awhile!  

Until then I am going to create my own sunshine and get ready
to watch Grey's Anatomy with my #1 guy!!
Radiate from within.

Thanks again for listening!
I promise to be more positive and 
happier the next time!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Looking Back At Our Weekend

I hope you are having (had) a good weekend!?
We did it was slow paced and peaceful and 
of course filled with more snow!

We woke to more snow falling on Saturday morning-go figure right!?

Everything around us is coated with snow.
It actually looks really pretty.

Our backyard.

It is true when they say we live in the snow belt because
we get snow like no where else around us.

I got a lot checked off my list for HOMESPUN over the weekend.

Kev attended an annual "Survivor Man" weekend at my
brother-in-laws house.....they sleep outside, drink beer and 
hang out in the freezing temps.  
Not my idea of fun but they seem to love it.

Since Kev was gone I was in charge of making Andrew's
hot chocolate and he gave me a thumbs up and 
said I didn't fail this time! 
He is a hard critic!

I took apart an old vintage World Atlas and made
a new wreath out of it.  

Coffee on the weekends is bliss!!
It is that much better drinking it sitting on your couch and relaxing.

My mom helped me finish this project.
We made trivets and they turned out so stinking cute!
I have so much good stuff for all the upcoming Spring Craft shows!!

We also made coasters and they are just as cute!

Feels good having them all packaged and packed up and 
ready to go! I know they are going to make someone smile!

Here is the Vintage Word Atlas Wreath I made over
the weekend.  Stop by my Etsy shop and check it out.

Well I am going to go enjoy the rest of my evening with my 
favorite two guys!  

Stephanie ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentine's Day Votive Tutorial

Valentine's Day Votive Tutorial!!
(Creates 2 different styles!)

Here is a quick and easy project that you can do at home 
in less then 30 minutes.  
You may even have everything you need laying around your house!

Supplies Needed:
Two/Three Torn out book pages
Heart Shaped Doilies
Votive Candles
Twine or Yarn
Glass Jars (Jelly Jars etc.)

Supplies for project!
I did not remember to take a picture of the book pages (sorry).

First I tore out two pages from an old book.
I then cut the torn out book page in half creating two separate pieces.
Once I had my two separate pieces I folded them each in half and cut out a heart shape.
Keep the heart shape cut out-you will need it!

Next I took a heart shaped doilies and the heart shape cut out from the book pages.
 I used a glue stick to glue the book page heart into the center of the doilies heart. 

I then took an old glass jelly jar and twine and got to work!
Place the heart shape cut out in the center of the glass jar and using your twine
or yarn gently wrap it around until it is secure.  I used a dot of hot glue to hold
the end of the twine in place.

For the second style votive I took the book page sheet that I cut a heart out of
and placed it in the center of another glass jar.  Using the same twine I gently wrapped it
around the jar securing the heart shaped book page to the jar. 
Once I was finished wrapping the twine I again used a dot of hot glue to make 
sure the twine was secure.

Once you are all complete add a votive candle to the glass jars and you are all set!

Here is my finished set of Valentine's Day Votive's!
The are really cute in person and add a nice but simple touch for Valentine's Day!

If you decide to give this project a try let me know how it goes!!

Stephanie ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Day!!!!

 Winter is upon us in Northeast Ohio
and living in the snow belt we have 
been getting a lot of snow!

Today Andrew and I were both
lucky to get a SNOW DAY!!!
Due to the cold temps and amount of snow
we haven't and don't plan on going anywhere..
so we have been making the most of it 
hanging out at home together!

Last night I snapped some shots of the
snow falling.....I have to admit it is pretty
however I am not and never will be a Winter girl.

This picture is of Kevin plowing the drive...
can you see him!!? 

I woke up to Andrew super excited about being able 
to stay home today!

And Pez relaxing on the couch and enjoying our company too!

Here is some of the snow that we have at my place.
I took this picture this morning and it has been
snowing ever since so we now have even more-YAY-NOT!

Watch out Andrew's gorilla might snatch ya up like
he did Mario and Luigi!!


Being stuck inside I pulled out some art supplies
and Andrew went to town.  

 One of his creations this morning!

I however made these Valentine Votive's.....
stay tuned for a quick and easy tutorial!!
They are super cute and easy to make!

I also listed this Book Page Wreath on 
Etsy last night and have already sold 1!!
Stop by and check it out!

As for the rest of this cold snowy day Andrew
and I are going to make some homemade Chocolate
Chip Cookies!!!

Hope you are staying warm!

Stephanie ;)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Weekend Recp

It has been a good LOOOONG weekend
around our house! Kev was under the weather
but we made the most of it!

Friday night once my house was quiet and both
my guys were in bed I got a few things done
to add to the shop I am currently selling in.

In the store you can now find
Chalkboard Flower Pots with Garden Gloves!
They turned out really cute and I cannot wait
to add a few to my house!

Saturday morning we woke up and the sun was just 
streaming through our kitchen windows!! 
Gotta love the sunshine in the middle of the Winter.

Saturday I was at the local shop adding some new 
products and rearranging.

Also in the shop are brand new sets of magnetic 
decoupaged clothespins in sets of 5.  
They are super cute and functional too!

Saturday night after a dinner date with my two favorite guys I did
some updating to my Etsy shop. 
If you haven't had a chance stop by and check it out!

Sunday morning my peanut lost is second tooth!
Well he actually ate it during breakfast!
It was panic mode for a few minutes since he thought
the tooth fairy wouldn't come but we decided to write her a note!

Andrew and I sat down and wrote a note to the tooth fairy-
it was cute!  He told her he lost it in a Toaster Stick!

The poor craft room has being used a great deal but is lacking
style and organization!  When my inventory is full again
I have BIG plans for in here!

Today we woke up to frigid temperatures and they are calling
for a lot of snow overnight into Wednesday morning.
Fingers crossed for a snow day!!  I live in the area
were they are calling for 8-15+ inches of snow....yuck.

Random note...last night at the grocery store they FINALLY had
my favorite tea in stock!! I have been on the hunt for this for awhile
now so I was super pumped!

As for the rest of today Andrew and I have been hanging out
and staying warm next to the fire.  I made this Book Page Wreath and
am going to be listing it on Etsy tonight!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Stephanie ;)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shop Updating Saturday!!

Tonight I have been 
updating my Etsy shop! 
Come check it out!
I have added a nice selection of 
photo blocks and will be adding
a few more items hopefully tomorrow!

Pinterest / Search results for work quotes found on Polyvore

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Friday Friday!!

We made it to Friday and it feels so good!!
It has been a busy week and I am
looking forward to a long weekend
with my favorite two guys!!

Andrew and I both have the next 3 days
off and I cannot wait to just be in
the comfort of my own home!

Pinned Image

Yay for it being Friday and

Pinned Image

Have a good weekend!

Stephanie ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Really Random

How about some really random stuff on this Wednesday evening!
I have been really bad lately taking pictures with my camera.
I find myself taking a lot more pictures with Instagram these days!
If you are on Instagram or want to check me out you can
find me using stalty.

Anyways it is the middle of the week and I am feeling it.
I am ready for the long weekend to arrive!

Over the course of the week I have made a few new wreaths.
This one is listed on is super soft and 
just looks like Spring is around the corner.

I also made this wreath and I am loving the pearls
within the flowers.  I am selling this one in the store
right now!

I took a trip to Michael's and took advantage of their
Dollar Days was a good sale and I walked
out of there with a lot of good stuff!

My mother-in-law helped me finish all my photo blocks
the other night.  I have 20 new blocks ready to go and they
turned out really cute!!

I also was able to get some sets of magnetic clothespins
packaged up and ready to go-thanks to "my mom" for helping
me get these ready!! 

On a really random sister-in-law bought
me a sample of Starbucks Blonde Coffee and it had me at
hello!! I am a Dunkin Donuts girl for sure but this coffee
just may give Dunkin Donuts a run for their money because it
is that good!! Thanks Lynn for splurging on the sample packets for us!!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles keep popping up
all over my house!!

I love watching Andrew play when he thinks no one is listening.
It is nice to see him using his imagination.

Told ya...the Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles moved again!!

Well I hope you didn't mind this total random is
simply what has been going on around our house the last few days.

Stephanie ;)