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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Prep. & Craft Club Recap

It is hard to believe that Christmas is next came so quickly this year.
Are you ready!?
We are least ready as we are going to be!
It has been cold here--like really cold.
Today it is in the 40's and it feels like Spring-LOL how sad is that!?
Embracing Winter this year lasted about a week for me...I'm over it.
We have been busy at the store and are already getting ready for the New Year.
We are closing down between Christmas and New Years and I am looking
forward to having some down time it will be nice and much needed!
We are also working on something "BIG" for the store....stay tuned....
an opportunity was brought to us and I think we are going to run with it!!
I will let you know for sure when everything is ready to go!!
Last week in a snow storm we had our December Craft Club.....the snow was
piling up outside but inside the store the ladies crafted/created and chatted the night away!

Outside in was cold and snowy but inside it was warm and happy!

I think I shoveled the walk like 5 times that day....grr!!
I was so happy that the weather did not interfere with our night and most of the
 ladies braved the weather.

As soon as everyone arrived we got down to business.
Each lady created two scrappy fabric ornaments with glitter.
Let me tell you everything is better with glitter!
It is always amazing to see how each persons craft turns out there is never two of the same!

Craft Club has allowed me to meet so many wonderful ladies.
Each month the dynamic of the group is different but the craft brings everyone together!
I am so happy and blessed that so many ladies are enjoying and
attending our monthly event!

I don't mind cleaning up a mess when it is a happy mess like this!

The aftermath of Craft Club!!
This upcoming month (January) we are offering two separate days due to the large
number of ladies that wanted to join!!
If you live in the area and want a creative night away from home you should sign up too!! 
 We have a few spots open for our Thursday, January 16th date.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and gets to spend
some quality time with their loved ones!!
Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What's Been Going On...

Hello Hello!
How are you guys!?
I am good...just gearing up for a brand new week!
How was your Thanksgiving?
Ours was good!
Low key and perfect!
We go to my sister-in-laws for Thanksgiving and
each year we have a good time!
It was quiet there this year a few people missing
that we missed the company of.
The holiday shopping season is now if full swing!
Did you brave the crowds on Black Friday?
I went out Thursday night for a quick trip to
Wal-Mart...I was able to grab a few deals...but with
the store this year I had to work all weekend so needless to say
I enjoyed all the customers that "shopped local!"
We are gearing up for two holiday craft boutiques this week...and I am
also working hard trying to supply a friend that owns a salon with some
merchandise for her holiday open house...busy busy busy bee that is me!
I stumbled upon this t-shirt today and sent it to
Kev to add to my Christmas wish list....
I LOVE this shirt and must have it!!
Speaking of shirts we just ordered t-shirts for The Nest!!
I am excited...they are going to be great and we will
also have some available in the store.
If you live in the area The Nest along with a lot of other fabulous vendors
will be participating in two local craft boutiques:
Wednesday, December 4th from 6-9pm @ First Step Preschool (St. Luke's Church)
11519 Wilson Mills Road, Chardon
Saturday, December 7 from 8:30-3:00pm
Silver Bells Holiday Boutique @ Timmons Elementary School
Stop out and see us!

Have a good week!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and my 35th birthday.
I am so very grateful so many things that have happened
in my life this year. As a family we have embraced many changes and each change is leading us to a better place.
 I am at a happy place in my life both personally and professionally and am soaking up the
 happiness and contentment that I feel. 
This week marked the 100th day that The Nest has been open!100 days.....pinch me......I still do not see myself as a shop owner...but I am and I could not be more happy to be bringing something new and exciting to my community.
My home away from home...The Nest!
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Thanksgiving Day Famous Quotes and Sayings

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's Been Going On...............

Do you believe it is November.......November...I mean WOW...where did October go.....
it just flew by and now we are already practically in the middle of November.
Maybe time is flying because we are having so much fun or
because we have never been busier!!? 
 It is a good busy however it is BUSY. 
Tomorrow night is our second craft club and I have 27 ladies joining us at the store!!
I am so glad there are so many other gals out there that share my passion
 for creating and enjoy creating with others!
Craft Club is turning into something truly special in our community.
This week we are also hosting our first ever Holiday Open House....
it is going to be a good time too!!
See I told you we have so many exciting things taking place right now it is hard not to be happy! I have been snapping quite a few pictures over the past several weeks and thought I would share...get ready for a recap thru pictures of what's been going
 on in our little neck of the woods....

 We woke up to snow this morning for the second time this year.
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a SUMMER girl however this year I am trying to embrace Winter and make the most of it....fingers crossed!

 It really was pretty this morning walking down the drive to wait for the school bus.
All the trees were coated with fresh snow.

Andrew got glasses two weeks ago!
He is a champ!
This transition was easy.....he was excited and so far so good.

Did I ever tell you that our driveway is like over 620 feet long.....phew!

 School pictures were a few weeks ago....Andrew thought he was styling wearing
two shirts....he melts my heart!  He is getting so big and so smart.

What a goofball!

A few weeks ago we went down to spend the day with my sister and my nephew.
I so so so so wish they lived closer...I miss seeing them regularly.

Andrew wanted to read Luca a story.

One afternoon I spotted a ton of crows sitting in the trees in our backyard.
This picture does not do it justice it was amazing.
There had to be hundreds all nestled on the branches.

Pumpkin carving was interesting this year.
Kev was out of town so it was just me and Andrew.
I think we did ok!
We even roasted the pumpkin seeds and saved them for Kev.

He was proud of his jack-o-lantern!
Poor thing is covered in snow now.

This week I have been prepping for our second craft club.
I am looking forward to tomorrow night for sure.

Gathering all the supplies is fun too....I get giddy for craft supplies...I may be a hoarder!!
Instead of buying shoes I buy paint, yarn, name it!

What have you been up to!?
Have a good week!
--Get Crafty---Get Inspired--Get Creative--


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Missing In Action....That's Me!

I have gotten really bad about blogging.
Unfortunately it has gone to the back burner...and I am hoping to get back on track.
How are you guys!?
What is new in your lives?
Can you believe Halloween is less then a week away!
October has come and gone so quickly.
We actually had a snowstorm this was bad....and I am not ready for it.
A huge tree branch fell down in front of the store-we were so lucky it
 missed the store by inches.
This weekend is the Country Living Fair in Atlanta and I have been living vicariously
 through others looking at all the amazing Instagram photos.
Awwww....the Country Living Fair is simply....AMAZING!
Do you have one craft show or barn sale that you really like going to!?
They seem to be PoPpInG up everywhere these days.
I have been pinning a lot....trying to wrap my head around the fact that
it is just about time to bring Christmas into the store.
We are having a Holiday Open House in 3 weeks and there is a lot to get done...
but we will get it done we always do!!
Just thought I would share some of my latest pins with ya!
I am a Summer girl for sure but I do love how the cold weather brings
cuddling, fires, sweatshirts, and low key nights.

October has been a good month!!
Life Made Lovely » Blog
Love Love Love this area in the latest Live Made Lovely Home tour.
Feeling inspired by this photo to mix things up in my house a bit!
Our house has been on the back burner with the store......and it needs some love!
cups! Art Print
I like this print a lot!!
If you know know I am a coffee cup junky...the more the merrier!
What have you been pinning lately!?

Friday, October 11, 2013

October Craft Club....

I woke up in a Craft Club coma this morning...simply exhausted and
extremely grateful that our first ever Craft Club was a success!!
I was truly honored to have 18 of the most dynamic group
of ladies attend our October Craft Club!
To share my passion with others and to hear and see the joy in
their faces as they entered the store last night was inspiring.

I decided name tags were in order for this group!
I didn't want any part of the night to be awkward and I
wanted everyone to feel at home and welcomed! 
It was nice that everyone felt comfortable with each other
and we didn't need to go around stating our names!! LOL!!

Craft Club had the plaza rocking!
We packed the plaza with fun, laughter, and a 18 rowdy girls!!

After the store closed Kev stopped by to help me set up all
the tables...gotta love a hubby that goes that extra mile!
I am lucky!

Everything was ready to go all we needed were our crafters!

And just like that the store was filled with so much positive
energy it was hard not to enjoy yourself!

All the ladies got down to crafting right away...they worked hard
and their book page pumpkins turned out adorable!
It was fun to see how each person made their pumpkin "unique."

Group Shot!!!
Our youngest crafter was 10!!
She came with her mom and was a sweetheart!!

One amazing crafter made home made chocolates that were so incredibly good and
another set of ladies brought their own bottle of sip on while they worked.

The night flew by and everyone really enjoyed each others company.
Craft Club brought 18 ladies of various age groups together and it was magical!

At the end of the night some ladies shopped and then we all said our goodbyes!!
I would like to personally thank everyone that joined guys made
our first Craft Club amazing and have left me inspired to plan the next one for November!
I will be posting all the information about our November Craft Club soon...
if you are interested sign up fast...spots are limited and they fill up fast!
Every person is creative quote via
Have a good weekend!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Beginning of Something New @ The Nest!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!
 We are excited to announce a new adventure
that we are going to be offering at our store, The Nest!

here's to new adventuresGrab your glue sticks, scissors, Mod Podge and a
good friend because starting in October The Nest
will be hosting a monthly craft night!!
What better way to spend a Thursday night then to mingle with fellow
crafters while doing a little shopping (with perks!!)
and creating our monthly craft. 
 I am excited for this exclusive craft club to start and
I hope you are too!!

Creativity is contagious

You can find out all the details here:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Country Living Fair 2013

If you have never been to the Country Living Fair...YOU MUST GO!!
My mind is still racing from all the amazing things we saw and from
all the talented people we were lucky to meet! 
This was my second time visiting this show and I was lucky enough that
my number #1 guy came along too! 

At 9:15 am the line was already forming to get in!
I guess the day before they stopped counting at 700 people waiting in line....CrAzY......
waiting in line is totally worth me!!!
One guy surprised his wife for her birthday and drove her all the way from Iowa!

At 10:00 am the gates opened and the crowd was ready to shop!
I was like a kid in a candy store!!!

That's a lot of pumpkins and gourds!!

Kev and I laughed when we spotted all these antique porcelain tubs...
they are so rare to find at flea markets etc. however not at the Country Living Fair!!!

I wanted this old, worn, rustic metal turquoise table.
Next year we have to take a truck down for sure.
One lady walked past it and thought it was god awful but I thought it was perfect!

There is so much goodness all in one spot!
I am not even sure if we saw everything!?
There were tents, tents, and MORE tents all filled with the most
unique things. To have so many creative people in one spot with
all their creations is simply inspiring.
I told Kev that we would be a vendor at this show one day!!
It is now MY GOAL!

I fell in love with this old Ford turquoise truck.
I would drive it and love every minute of it!!

We saw Cari from the show Cash & Cari!!


I am feeling inspired and have already begun working on new things for the store.
I cannot wait to go again next year OR maybe a vendor!!
Happy Tuesday!