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Friday, September 7, 2012

One Crazy Week

Well this week has been an uphill battle and I am so looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. This week both Andrew and Kev were sick.  My kitchen counter looked like a pharmacy for days and still does.  Andrew rebounded fast but we had a health scare for my #1 love and it lead us to the Urgent Care one night and the Emergency Room the next day.  My hubby and I have been together since 1996-he is "my person" and I can not imagine having him in my life...he is feeling better but he has some "preventative measures" he has to complete with our family doctor.  Here are some pics from our crazy week.

My kitchen counter---cannot wait to put all this away!!

Finding a note taped to our door-realizing that even when we are not with 
Andrew he is still thinking of us!

Some more crafting..hello fun magnetic clothespins!

Sneaking a peek at Kev after he got home from the hospital finding a bit of 
comfort in his hammock.

Visiting my week old niece!!

Love her name!!

Ending the crazy week with an awesome sunset at my sister-in-laws!
She truly has amazing views!

Finally watching "the boys" go on a gator ride and just enjoying each other's company.

Happy Weekend Friends...We are looking forward to a friend's birthday party and a Baptism!

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