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Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Showers

It is rainy here today and when it rains I CRAVE COLOR!
I do not like gloomy days I would much rather blue skies and hot
temps everyday!!  Spring has finally made it to my neck of the
woods and our snow is all gone!
I am hoping not to see snow for a long LONG time!!

This week has been a nutty one and I am thankful we have
almost made it to Friday.  A lot has gone on this week mixed in with our
day-to-day routine.  Kev turned 34, a friend was in a bad accident and Kev and
 I are waiting for an important say the stress has been huge is an understatement.
Oh and we are now the proud owners of 20 lbs. of minnows-we have
begun the stocking process in our pond!

My motto right now!!
I stumbled on it on the fabulous Pinterest and thought perfect!!
Kev told me I need to handle my stress better...but if you know me
you know I cannot contain or hide my emotions or feelings...
they are out there for the world to see!! 
I need to work on this and take a step back and just relax.

But enough are some HaPpY CoLoRfUl pictures

that made me smile this week!!


Hope you are having a terrific Thursday!!

Steph ;)

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