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Thursday, September 20, 2012


This week seems like we have been on "the go" a lot and tonight was no exception.

I went to my first PTU meeting at Andrew's school after work and it was interesting, informational, and a bit long.  I dislike these type of days were I leave for work, work all day and then fulfill parental obligations and by the time I get home my peanut is fast asleep. 

I do not like feeling like I missed out on his day...and I know these days are far and few in between but sitting here I am teary eyed because I missed out on what excited him today or what may have bothered him today and that stinks. 

But on another much lighter note I recently checked out this book on CD and I think I may be hooked!  I am a reader but lately I have been so tired at night that I cannot finish a page let alone an entire chapter so I thought why not try a book in the car on my daily commute! 
At first it was strange trying to listen attentively and drive but now  I cannot wait to get back in the car to pick up where it left off.  Yes, I am a nerd and that is o.k. with me because I will definitely be checking out another book on CD this week!

I bought this yarn this week and am going to use it on a new wreath-super excited I think the texture of the yarn and the colors are just going to POP!

Lastly I cannot wait for the weekend to begin so I can spend as much time as possible with these two guys-they truly bring so much joy to my life.

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