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Monday, September 15, 2014

{Village Peddler}

This past weekend The Nest was a vendor at The Village Peddler.....
this was our first time participating in this event and it was an
experience we will never forget.
Unfortunately living in Northeast Ohio we have to endure the crazy weather
and we were definitely dealt with some crazy weather during this event.
I will say though that even at times when we thought the tent might just blow away....
we kept our spirits high and just had to laugh at the situation! 
Even though we had rain and high winds
on Saturday we were fortunate to have an amazing crowd of shoppers!
For most of the day on Saturday we had to have all hands on board holding down the tent!
Sunday was a brand new day and after surviving Saturday it was
 like a breath of fresh air!
We were able to open up the tent and enjoy the day and the customers!
For this event we brought a lot of new products which were well received and of
course we brought some "oldies but goodies".

Rain =  A LOT of mud!!
Good thing we had on our mud boots!
My sister and I just about tackled the Farm Park Crew when they came
around with straw...we were like two kids in a candy store throwing it everywhere!
Some random pictures of our booth.......

We sold out of all our pallet wood Ohio's.....we will be making more for the store!

It was fun meeting so many new people that have heard about The Nest!

We would like to thank everyone that came out and supported us this past weekend
 it means a lot to have so many wonderful people in our corner!!'
I would also like to hubby....without him well I couldn't do it alone.... he is my voice of reasoning and my shoulder of strength, my mother-in-law, my mom, my sister, and Phyllis!!!
I had a great team with me all weekend and appreciate each and every one of them!

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