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Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Monday

Today was a good day spent with my little man.
Get this.....I had today off of work ( I am a teacher)...
so it never occurred to me to check my son's school never crossed my mind and I have it
front and center by my computer. 

Long story short he 
and I totally dropped the ball!!

We went on a date today-and on our way we
passed our local elementary school-there were
cars in the parking lot and I was like "what!!!??"
so I quickly called me son's school and had a 
good laugh with the secretary....
moments like this you realize you are not 
perfect and we all make honest mistakes. 

So feeling like a horrible mommy I proceeded to still
take him on the date I promised and off to JoAnn Fabrics,
The Dollar Tree and the movies to see Wreck-It Ralph!
We made the most of our day together and I am glad 
he was with me.....did I have the "guilty mom complex"
all afternoon-YES especially when we were in JoAnn Fabrics
and he told a few ladies...."do you know I had school today
but my mommy forgot!" gotta love their innocence!

My son's school calendar--to the left!
God did I feel silly today!
Oh well I got to spend the day
with Andrew all by myself and we 
had a good time!
No mistakes

Tonight Andrew busily worked on necklaces for a few people
that we bought at JoAnn's.
Look at the concentration on his face---love it!
He is already wearing his and asked if we can pick a few more up. 
 I love that he thinks about other people and
wants to make them things!!

Today while we were out I bought a new coffee cup-yes another one!
I couldn't pass it up since Andrew actually spotted it and
said I had to get it!!

Check this stuff already for the
next Craft Show---I have been busy!!

Well I hope everyone had a good Monday
I am off to bed to read!!

Steph :)


  1. That made me laugh out loud! I'm glad the school could laugh about it too. And it looks like you had a great time... oh man, the concentration on that face!

  2. It was funny yesterday and we made the most of his "bonus day" for sure!!