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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Madness!!

Another weekend gone by way to fast!!
The weekend started with my third craft show.
HOMESPUN was a hit and had a lot
of happy customers!!! 
We have our last craft show this coming weekend 
and it is sad knowing we are done till Spring....
I would do one more if I could!!

Me at out booth!!

The table---again the orange totes---I know
they are bad and I thought I had a solution
but it didn't work out..gotta get on my
sewing machine to whip up a covering for 
them by Saturday.

We sold lots of good merchandise!!

Everyone laughs at my chalkboard!!!
Our Book Page Christmas Trees were a 
hit at this show!!
If you ever see anything you would like 
to purchase send me a quick email!!

On the home front our elf "Eddie" keeps
popping up in all kinds of places!
Saturday night Kev and I went out Christmas
shopping and it feels so good knowing we 
are completely done with Andrew including
all his stocking stuffers!!

Saturday night I browsed Pinterest with Pez 
by my side....I pinned lots of good stuff!

We are in the Christmas spirit here and have been watching
a lot of Christmas movies.  The Elf is hilarious!!
I need to finish decorating my house there is 
so much I want to do and make.

Today (Sunday) we woke up to rain.
It rained all day here.
I enjoyed coffee in my new coffee cup that
my sister-in-law made me for my birthday!

Andrew was busy spreading holiday cheer!
I took him out and he bought a few presents.
He couldn't wait to wrap them and stick them
in everyone's stockings!!

Love him!!!

Today I had to grab a few more supplies to replenish
items that were sold at Friday's craft show.. I only
have a few nights to pull everything together so
I will be busy!!

How was your weekend?
Did you do anything fun!?
Are you done Christmas shopping?

Stephanie :)


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    glad your show went well, where was it and where is your last show? love those trees!
    linda patti

  2. hi Stephanie,
    where was your last show and where is your next show?
    love those trees!
    linda patti

  3. Hello-
    The show we just went to was in a local elementary school in our town. It had a great turnout!
    My next show is this coming Saturday, Dec. 8 at another local elementary school.......I heard it is a good one! The trees are really cute in person! Thank you for dropping me a quick comment!