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Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Weekend Recp

It has been a good LOOOONG weekend
around our house! Kev was under the weather
but we made the most of it!

Friday night once my house was quiet and both
my guys were in bed I got a few things done
to add to the shop I am currently selling in.

In the store you can now find
Chalkboard Flower Pots with Garden Gloves!
They turned out really cute and I cannot wait
to add a few to my house!

Saturday morning we woke up and the sun was just 
streaming through our kitchen windows!! 
Gotta love the sunshine in the middle of the Winter.

Saturday I was at the local shop adding some new 
products and rearranging.

Also in the shop are brand new sets of magnetic 
decoupaged clothespins in sets of 5.  
They are super cute and functional too!

Saturday night after a dinner date with my two favorite guys I did
some updating to my Etsy shop. 
If you haven't had a chance stop by and check it out!

Sunday morning my peanut lost is second tooth!
Well he actually ate it during breakfast!
It was panic mode for a few minutes since he thought
the tooth fairy wouldn't come but we decided to write her a note!

Andrew and I sat down and wrote a note to the tooth fairy-
it was cute!  He told her he lost it in a Toaster Stick!

The poor craft room has being used a great deal but is lacking
style and organization!  When my inventory is full again
I have BIG plans for in here!

Today we woke up to frigid temperatures and they are calling
for a lot of snow overnight into Wednesday morning.
Fingers crossed for a snow day!!  I live in the area
were they are calling for 8-15+ inches of snow....yuck.

Random note...last night at the grocery store they FINALLY had
my favorite tea in stock!! I have been on the hunt for this for awhile
now so I was super pumped!

As for the rest of today Andrew and I have been hanging out
and staying warm next to the fire.  I made this Book Page Wreath and
am going to be listing it on Etsy tonight!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Stephanie ;)


  1. Love the book page wreath - it is so cute! I can't believe Andrew lost his second tooth! I noticed a project on your table in the craft room - I can't wait to see them in person!

  2. I think you are going to like the project on the table! I know two tooth gone and this one he ate!