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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Weekend Recap

We had a long enjoyable weekend.
I like long weekends were you actually
feel like you had a chance to catch up on
things around the house and just enjoy being at home.

If you haven't caught on I AM A HOMEBODY!!

This weekend we had an early birthday dinner/celebration
 with my sister and brother-in-law and they announced that they
are "expecting"...... it was the best gift could have received!!! 
I am so happy for the both of them!!

Our elf "Eddie" keeps popping up in all kinds of places
around the house.  It is the first thing Andrew does when
he gets out of bed--he goes looking for "Eddie"!

We went and got our Christmas Tree this weekend.
We always get a real tree...I love the smell that the tree
brings inside our house. We have begun decorating around the house
but I have not gotten any farther then the tree...there are a few things
I would like to make and I have to go through our Christmas boxes
still and "fluff the house" for the holidays.

Amen.....I love cutting down are own tree!!

Andrew was so excited to decorate that we
got down to business right away.
It was a bit stressful I am not going to lie and
there were a few broken ornaments but he had
a good time so that is all that matters!

This picture makes me laugh!!
Kev helped Andrew put the star on the top
and they are standing on a chair and they
are still having trouble!!!
We are vertically challenged in our house!
But they did it!!

Decorations complete!
I left off a lot this year...I just wasn't feeling the
beaded garland, the bows, or more store bought ornaments.
Instead we covered it in ornaments that Andrew made or
 were passed down to us as gifts.
It's simple this year and it looks great!

Sunday morning we woke up to the first snowfall.
Kev put the snow poles down the drive and got his tractor ready 
to plow the drive....we are officially ready here in the snow belt!!
Bring it on!!!

I got an early birthday present--a new coffee cup!
I am so predictable!
I saw it at Dunkin Donuts and told my hubby 
it's all I wanted or needed!!

I love watching Andrew "play" when he thinks nobody is
watching him!!  Like his mismatched jammies!!?
Good thing Santa has already purchased a few new pairs!

On Sunday I set off to my second craft show.
My mudroom was filled with stuff for the show. 
It went o.k. not a lot of traffic but we still sold some items and
broke even so I am happy with that!
We have another show this coming Friday night-
and I am really looking forward to it!!

Here is my booth--don't mind the orange totes I 
needed something quick to put my chalkboards on
so I had to compromise style for functionality!
I think I may ask my hubby to make me 
some sort of stand/holder!!?
I love a man with power tools that likes to help me out!!

Here I am taking a quick pic!!

Well I hope everyone had a very nice holiday weekend
and are ready to start a brand new week!!

Stephanie ;)


  1. Your tree looks pretty as always! The picture of Kev and Andrew made me laugh this morning!! Also your booth looks great!

  2. When Kev saw that picture he was the one that pointed it out to me!! We all had a good laugh!!! Did you get your tree decorated? I liked the booth this time too-besides the oranges totes!! It looked fuller this time around!?