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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hello March.....Goodbye February!!!

We just wrapped up another exciting month at The Nest....
it was filled with February Craft Clubs, a Surprise 40th Birthday Party,
 a Valentine Themed Birthday party, a visit from New Day Cleveland, new furniture,
and a ton of new Spring Home décor items!!!
We are welcoming March with open arms and patiently waiting for Spring!!!
Are you ready for Spring!?
I am sooo ready!!
Bring it on!!
This week we are hosting Ladies Night on Friday, March 6 from 6:30-9:00 pm
If you live in the surrounding area grab a girlfriend and join us!!
You can find more information here about all the details...

 This past month New Day Cleveland from Fox 8 visited us when
they were filming a segment on shops in the snow belt!
It was an experience I will never forget and
we were truly honored to be contacted by them!!

We also hosted many Craft Clubs!!
The Nest Crafting Studio is such a happy place and
when all the amazing ladies get together its magical!

 Now get ready for picture overload.......

Our February Craft Club was a BLAST!
The ladies created a 14 ft wooden bunting with decorative paper and paint!
They all turned out ADORABLE!

We also were honored to host Maddy's Valentine's Day themed Birthday Party!
The little ladies did an amazing job creating their "one-of-a-kind" canvas.

What a bunch of sweethearts showing off their work!

We also hosted Chelsie's Surprise 40th Birthday Party!
Chelsie is a regular customer at The Nest and when her
friend, Holly called to plan this party I knew
Chelsie would LOVE it!

 These ladies were the best party planners....... they thought of every little detail!

For Chelsie's party they painted and designed wood serving trays.

Group photo of all the lovely ladies!
Thank you Holly for hosting an amazing night out for everyone!

In between all of the Craft Clubs etc.
we have been restocking the store with a lot of new furniture pieces
and Spring home décor items.

Phew that last was a long post...thanks for sticking with me till the end!
Hope to see you at Ladies Night!
Think Spring :)

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