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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Little Guy Turns......8!!!

This past weekend we celebrated Andrew's 8th Birthday.....
hard to believe he is 8 already but he is and I cannot stop time (unfortunately).
I see him growing and changing and it makes me
 happy that he is so happy!!
I find myself thinking "I am raising a little man"
and one day he is going to make a WONDERFUL hubby!!
This year Andrew wanted a Minecraft themed birthday party so we invited
some of his friends over and they all had a good time!!
The Birthday Boy!!! 

The calm before the Birthday Storm!!!

A friend from The Nest (Sharon) made Andrew's cake for me!
She did an AMAZING job and Andrew was so excited about it!
Thank you Sharon!!!!!

Andrew has a great group of buddies and some pretty awesome cousins too!

They played Minecraft thankful for Pinterest!!
You cannot find Minecraft party supplies anywhere and why is that, licensing!?
But you can find FROZEN stuff still everywhere...makes no sense!
As a mom of a little boy......the big box stores need to step up their game for boys already :)

Family....Mother-in-law, brother-in-laws and Denica!

A few of our youngest and cutest guests.....Charlotte and Dutch!

And then it was time for the piñata......Andrew wanted a Minion piñata....didn't go with
his whole Minecraft theme but the kids didn't seem to mind especially once they were gathering all the candy!

And just like that....Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!
We LOVE you!

On Monday night (Andrew's actual birthday) we sang Happy Birthday one more time!
I hope he made a good wish :)
I wish nothing but the absolute best for this peanut!!!!!

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