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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Store...The Nest

I hope you are all doing well and are out
and about enjoying the weather (minus the mosquitos)! 
Around our neck of the woods we are preparing for the
First Day of School which is tomorrow.
Tomorrow Andrew starts First Grade!!
We went to his school last night to drop off his school
supplies and to check out his classroom. 
He is ready to go back to school and I am happy
that he enjoys going to school!
Starting tomorrow morning I get to "officially"
 get him on the bus each day.....this may seem ordinary to most
but in the past being a teacher and driving to the city each day I
missed out on the "little things" that I get to now enjoy!
I'm sure tomorrow I will have pictures galore to share!
In other news our store, The Nest has officially
been opened for a little more then a month now...and I
can tell you it has been a whirlwind but a GOOD WHIRLWIND!
I was looking at pictures that we have taken over the past
few months and thought I would is amazing
how much the store has changed and continues to change
on a weekly basis.

When we first started moving into the storefront it felt like a warehouse.
We had piles of furniture and accessories everywhere and nothing made sense.
It was a bit overwhelming.

We made nightly trips bringing more items to the store
and we moved it from one spot to the next until we were ready
to start turning it all into a store!

I cannot even tell you how many times before our Family and Friends Preview the store changed. We kept on moving things around until it felt right.
Thanks again to everyone that helped us get the store ready to be revealed to the public!

The store continues to change each week and day.
We have unique pieces so when a piece is sold another one is brought into the store.

So many pieces of furniture and home accessories have went to a lot
of good homes....and it has been a pleasure sharing things I love with others!

This area in the store is the hardest....right now it is our "baby nook!"

It is amazing looking back how many things are no longer in the store.
I love that our store is constantly evolving!

The famous linen settee is still for sale.....I wonder who this
will go home with eventually!?!?

Our entryway looks nothing like this right now.....all these pieces have gone to
 good homes and are now making someone else Happy Happy Happy (ye,s I watch Duck Dynasty!!)

Our kitchen area is getting a make over in the next two weeks!
I have a giant oval distressed cream table that I am bringing is GoRgEoUs.!!
Over Labor Day weekend we are preparing to bring Fall into The Nest with
a lot of new is going to be good!!

I would like to thank everyone that has stopped in to check
out The Nest and who have helped spread the word to all their friends and families!
If you haven't already check out our page on Facebook.....

 Well it is time to grab a cup of coffee and get my now First Grader ready for bed!

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