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Friday, October 5, 2012


Yay it is Friday!! 
We made it and I am looking forward to the weekend. 
Friday is by far my favorite evening during the school year!

We have a nice weekend ahead of us filled with a Fall Fest we are taking
peanut to in our local town, my niece and
nephews birthday parties, and plenty of crafting!

I found this quote for the day and thought it was perfect:

Last night I had a meeting at peanut's school for a committee I am on.
 I had time to kill beforehand so I made a few stops: 
 The craft store and Target.

Target has to many good things right now, I haven't
been there in quite some time so it was to 
check things out for a bit. 

Let's just say that killing time = spending money.

Here is my cart at the craft store waiting in the check out line filled with lots of
stuff ready to be turned into happiness!! 
Our weather is suppose to be cold and rainy this
weekend so I am hoping to get a lot accomplished for the craft show.

While I was walking around the craft store I spotted the ribbon aisle-
all the colors made me happy!

Next I went to Target to pick up birthday gifts for my niece and nephew but
it was unsuccessful.  So I walked around and stumbled across all the
pretty hand towels, pot holders, and rugs. 
 I would like one of each please!!

I found this is perfect to wear to school on Halloween!!

As you can see I bought the shirt along with some other things
that made me smile at Target!

 Lastly I bought two cardboard pumpkins and a few sheets of scrapbook
paper that I have 2  fun Halloween projects planned for this
weekend for peanut and I!

It has been awhile since we have gotten our hand messy with one another!

I will share them with you when they are completed-
these projects will complete my Fall decorating around my house-YAY, finally!!

Have a good Friday!


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