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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Craft Show Recap!!!!!

Before I begin I want to thank a few special people:

Thank You Mom, Mom T and Kevin!!
I was so lucky to have all of you in my corner
this past weekend and over the past few months
getting ready for this craft show.....I am
thankful that I got to share this special
time with each and everyone of you.
I am so grateful to have you guys and
I cannot say THANK YOU enough!!

This weekend was AMAZING
and the Craft Show was SPECTACULAR!!!

I am so humbled by all the fellow crafters I had the
privilege to meet this weekend.  This was my
very first craft show and the crafting community
embraced me with open arms! It was a breath
of fresh air to be around so many creative people
and to listen and talk to them about their
journey in the crafting circuit.  
I gained so much valuable knowledge and helpful
tools over the past few that I will treasure.

HOMESPUN ROCKED @ the Craft Show!!
We did well and I am pleased that all
 the hard work paid off!! 
I received so many nice comments from the 
public about my products-it was humbling.

I put myself of out there and succeeded
and  I am so happy that I took
the leap of faith!

During the show I was even asked to participate
it another exhibit that is being put on by
my local park district!! The lady said
my book page Christmas trees would
be perfect for their show and I cannot wait!

Another tip from my customers is that  
need to open at ETSY shop...
I will be setting one up very soon!

I took some pictures to share.....

Our table!!
It was funny I had people ask to purchase the garland 
that I made for across the front of the table!! 
I did not sell it.... but I did sell a scarf I made right off my neck!!

I learned that having a variety of items to look at 
and choose from is KEY!!!

It is not pictured here but my most favorite wreath sold :(

Coffee Filter time consuming to make
but so rewarding when they are done.

Me and my hubby-the man behind the scenes that
helped me out so immensely that I could not 
have done this without him!
Thank you Kevin Michael!!!


And this quote is fitting for this weekend....I am happy and
so blessed for the opportunity I had this weekend!
I am looking forward to my next craft show in December
and many more to follow!!

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