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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's Been Going On...............

Do you believe it is November.......November...I mean WOW...where did October go.....
it just flew by and now we are already practically in the middle of November.
Maybe time is flying because we are having so much fun or
because we have never been busier!!? 
 It is a good busy however it is BUSY. 
Tomorrow night is our second craft club and I have 27 ladies joining us at the store!!
I am so glad there are so many other gals out there that share my passion
 for creating and enjoy creating with others!
Craft Club is turning into something truly special in our community.
This week we are also hosting our first ever Holiday Open House....
it is going to be a good time too!!
See I told you we have so many exciting things taking place right now it is hard not to be happy! I have been snapping quite a few pictures over the past several weeks and thought I would share...get ready for a recap thru pictures of what's been going
 on in our little neck of the woods....

 We woke up to snow this morning for the second time this year.
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a SUMMER girl however this year I am trying to embrace Winter and make the most of it....fingers crossed!

 It really was pretty this morning walking down the drive to wait for the school bus.
All the trees were coated with fresh snow.

Andrew got glasses two weeks ago!
He is a champ!
This transition was easy.....he was excited and so far so good.

Did I ever tell you that our driveway is like over 620 feet long.....phew!

 School pictures were a few weeks ago....Andrew thought he was styling wearing
two shirts....he melts my heart!  He is getting so big and so smart.

What a goofball!

A few weeks ago we went down to spend the day with my sister and my nephew.
I so so so so wish they lived closer...I miss seeing them regularly.

Andrew wanted to read Luca a story.

One afternoon I spotted a ton of crows sitting in the trees in our backyard.
This picture does not do it justice it was amazing.
There had to be hundreds all nestled on the branches.

Pumpkin carving was interesting this year.
Kev was out of town so it was just me and Andrew.
I think we did ok!
We even roasted the pumpkin seeds and saved them for Kev.

He was proud of his jack-o-lantern!
Poor thing is covered in snow now.

This week I have been prepping for our second craft club.
I am looking forward to tomorrow night for sure.

Gathering all the supplies is fun too....I get giddy for craft supplies...I may be a hoarder!!
Instead of buying shoes I buy paint, yarn, name it!

What have you been up to!?
Have a good week!
--Get Crafty---Get Inspired--Get Creative--


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