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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Recap-Wowza!!

Another weekend gone by way too fast jammed pack with lots 
of good stuff and unexpected projects. 

 Friday night my sister came over and helped
me decorate some wreaths-she was a life saver-thanks again Lis!!

We worked and worked until we could not 
decorate anymore wreaths for the night.
This is the last picture you will see of my dining room
being my "craft room command station"
my hubby sent me to the basement!!!!

Some of the wreaths we were able to get done.

Saturday morning I woke up to my morning coffee in a new mug
alongside the new Pottery Barn catalog!!!

Then my mom and sister and I hit the open road to 
the HomeGirl barn sale!!! We picked up
my Aunt and cousin and off we went again on the
hunt for the sale!!

Just walking up to her barn I knew it was going to
be good.....and it was!!!

My Aunt, cousin Rita, and my sister all
posing for a quick pic before we headed inside!

Here is my treasure from the barn sale-
a turquoise letter "T".  
It had me at "hello!!" 

Check out these pink pumpkins.....LOVE!!!!!

When I got home from the barn sale I found my dog, Pez
lounging on a pillow on top of the couch
--the life of a dog!!!

I also came home to the "unexpected project".

My hubby cleared out a room in our basement and had it all
ready to be painted- I LOVE HIM for doing this
but I was not ready for this surprise.  So needless to say 
the remainder of the weekend was spent painting,
cleaning and moving EVERYTHING from my dining
room into my new craft room. Thank the Lord my mom
stopped by on Sunday to help--I was beginning to
have a panic attack!!!! 

By the end of the day today (Sunday) we were able
to eat dinner at the dining room table again and all
my crafty goodies have found a new home too!
Here are some pictures to show
you were I was moved too!!!

With everything in here I can now begin to "tweak"
things and make it my "own space".

I am now on the look out for a good rug for the center area
and a good pair of slippers to wear while I am down here too!

The organization has begun but I have a long
road to make it reflect me!!

Thanks K for pushing the envelope on this
project I knew it had to be done and you
made it happen.

Hope everyone had a good weekend too!
Anyone have any "unexpected projects"
like myself?



  1. Love the room - I can't believe you already made curtains!! It looks so good - much better than the dining room! Thanks for a fun weekend!

  2. Thanks-
    those are my old kitchen curtains!!
    I want to put a new rod up.
    This room will be a "work in progress" for sure!