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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Peach Picking.

This past Sunday Kev, Andrew, and I went to a local
farm and picked peaches!  We try and pick peaches at this
local farm each year and it is a blast.  The owners are so friendly and
even permit you to pick peaches and eat them while you are walking around...
I have to admit I think I did more "sampling" then actually picking this year!
If you live in the Chardon area or just want to take a ride out
to the country....I highly recommend this place....we cut our Christmas
tree down each year from this farm is great and local!

Andrew also sampled A LOT of peaches!!

The peach trees were just LOADED with tons of fresh peaches waiting to be picked!
Rows...and...Rows of peaches.

It was hard to select that perfect peach because they were all so good!

With all the peaches we brought home I need to find a recipe
and make something delicious. My mother-in-law whipped up
a great desert with them the other night..I think I may need another slice
of it!!

Andrew enjoyed climbing the peach trees.......

And he even was boosted up on Kev's shoulders to pick the BIG peaches at the very top of the trees!

My Boys=Happiness.

We went home with a basket of farm fresh peaches.

 Look at how good they look....they taste even better!

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