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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Day!!!!

 Winter is upon us in Northeast Ohio
and living in the snow belt we have 
been getting a lot of snow!

Today Andrew and I were both
lucky to get a SNOW DAY!!!
Due to the cold temps and amount of snow
we haven't and don't plan on going anywhere..
so we have been making the most of it 
hanging out at home together!

Last night I snapped some shots of the
snow falling.....I have to admit it is pretty
however I am not and never will be a Winter girl.

This picture is of Kevin plowing the drive...
can you see him!!? 

I woke up to Andrew super excited about being able 
to stay home today!

And Pez relaxing on the couch and enjoying our company too!

Here is some of the snow that we have at my place.
I took this picture this morning and it has been
snowing ever since so we now have even more-YAY-NOT!

Watch out Andrew's gorilla might snatch ya up like
he did Mario and Luigi!!


Being stuck inside I pulled out some art supplies
and Andrew went to town.  

 One of his creations this morning!

I however made these Valentine Votive's.....
stay tuned for a quick and easy tutorial!!
They are super cute and easy to make!

I also listed this Book Page Wreath on 
Etsy last night and have already sold 1!!
Stop by and check it out!

As for the rest of this cold snowy day Andrew
and I are going to make some homemade Chocolate
Chip Cookies!!!

Hope you are staying warm!

Stephanie ;)

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  1. I love your wreath! What a great way to use book pages!! :)