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Monday, February 11, 2013

Oops A Week Went By!!

Wow it is Monday again and it has been
a week since my last post...that just tells ya
how busy we are over here!!

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to 
over here these days!!

 Last week Andrew celebrated the 100th day of school!
We counted out 100 Fruit Loops for a school project!!
He did really well making groups of 10 and counting them
all out-I was proud of him!!

My # 1 guy also created Andrew's birthday invite for me!!
He did an awesome job and Andrew loved it!!
Andrew liked it so much he taped it to his bedroom door.
It is hard to believe that in 2 weeks my peanut will be 6.
Birthday planning is now in full swing over here!!

I have been really busy this week making custom wreaths.
 This wreath was for my cousin!
I will be making myself one soon!!!!

Andrew and I made a batch of homemade
chocolate chip cookies and they are delicious!!

I had to have some cookies with milk when 
I was working on a scarf for a friend!!

Saturday morning I woke up to this 
heart cut out by Andrew!! 
He made it all by himself!!

Saturday morning fires and coffee are pure bliss!!

I got a lot of things sanded, painted and completed
over the weekend but still have more to do!!
Kev told me last night I am basically working two full-time
jobs now with the amount of stuff HOMESPUN has
going on but I don't mind it at is all good stuff

Saturday night we went on a family date to
Dunkin Donuts-fancy right!!!?
Andrew was checking out the ice cream cakes for
his birthday-he is set on having a Super Mario cake.

On our way out I spotted this t-shirt!
I want one!!

Sunday afternoon my mom helped me set a space up
in-- Classic Country Consignments!
Stop by and check it out if you live in the area.
They have a wide variety of products to look at!!

Today...well I had to take Kev to the eye specialist and
we had a good laugh...he was the youngest patient in there!
I also delivered some products to a salon in Chesterland-Skin Unique!

So much good stuff going on these days it is hard to keep track!
Oh I also ordered HOMESPUN t-shirts to wear to all
of our upcoming shows---can't wait to see how they turn out!

Well I hope everyone has been doing well!!


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