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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Around Here Today

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am
home early today from work getting
ready for a nice long holiday weekend.

Andrew came with me to work today and
enjoyed himself-it was nice having
 him with me.

Around here for the rest of the day
we are planning on just hanging out and
slowing things is what we all need!!

While at the store this afternoon I spotted 
this yarn! YAY!!!!
I had to get it-
I am making a scarf for myself with this pretty stuff and
I cannot wait to start it so I can see how it turns out.

The mail today was filled with a bunch of new
magazines--I love getting new magazines
in the mail and I have a long weekend
to look at them!!

Right now I am prepping for some crafting tonight.
My mom is stopping over to help me sand, paint, and
create new photo blocks.

We have another craft show this coming Sunday
so I am putting together things that I sold
out of and need replenished.

Well I think I am going to grab Andrew and
take a walk outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Have a good night!

Stephanie ;)

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