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Friday, January 10, 2014

January Craft Club Round 1

Hello and happy weekend...we  made it...phew!
Do you have any plans?
Last night we hosted our January Craft Club Round 1
and it was a blast!!
 It is an exciting month because next week we are holding
another group of ladies for Round 2 of craft club!
Being surrounded by so many ladies that share each others passion is truly amazing it is like creative bliss!
design quote
Craft Club is a night away that everyone gets to let loose and create something magical. I provide everyone with the materials give them an example and then
set them free to create! Everyone's projects are unique and we never have two of the same.

Setting up is just as much fun for me!!
I'm like a kid in a candy store with craft materials..
the possibilities are endless!!
Everyone's tables are FULL with a variety of supplies that they can use to complete their projects...and sometimes I even grab MORE from the back.....just ask Heather!!
Once everything is set up I get super antsy
for everyone to arrive.
It was a nice group of ladies last night that I truly am lucky to have gotten and continue to get to know many of them. Each month we have some "returning crafters" mixed in with new crafters and it is a nice balance.  Next week for Round 2-90% of the ladies are all new so that will be a hoot getting to know them!

Everyone was greeted with a mason jar name tag
and the letters of their choice.
Name tags are nice it takes the "awkwardness"
out of meeting new people.

And then they arrived...all 21 of them...ready to CREATE!!!

We have ladies that come alone and ladies that come with friends....either way works out  great and new friendships
 are formed!

Loving Kim's Letter M and the bakers twine she
wrapped it in!!

Mandy and Heather!!
I love that they also fall asleep watching
Duck Dynasty at night!

Showing off their letters!
It is fun to watch everyone's creative process during the night. Some girls walk around the store to get inspired, some talk out loud to themselves to decide what they are going to do, and some walk around and look at each others to get inspired!!



Showing off some more letters and hanging out with friends.

During the night I was able to grab a quick picture of some of the finished letters. All so different and unique in their own ways!! I wonder where they all went home and
displayed their letters??????
Next week's Craft Club will be just as much fun with another round of 24 ladies. If you live in the surrounding area and would like to join we just announced our February Craft Club date and details and you can find out it here:

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