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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Whirlwind {New Store}

It's hard to believe but this time last week we received the keys to our new location
and the whirlwind of moving began!
Growth is good and it allows you to push yourself outside your comfort zone
but saying good bye is hard too....our first location was good to us.
520 Water Street was the birth of The Nest...we had a good landlord
and great neighbors and the location treated us well....however when the opportunity
to move onto the Chardon Square came to us Kev and I knew it was time to turn the
page and begin a new chapter....growth.
It was sad to pack it all up and clear it all out.
The space felt bare and lifeless.......however we knew that the future
on the square was waiting for us so it was lights out at 520 Water Street.

The move was a lot of hard work and  a lot of 12 hour days in a row...
but we DID IT {even with a bummed foot}

Our moving truck was HUGE...27 feet long and it was STUFFED to the brim....

Half way through the first day of our move I dropped something onto the top of my foot
and cut it pretty bad.....just my luck however I knew the show must go on and I pushed forward with
a lot of time for icing.

 It was a little overwhelming at first getting everything unpacked
and took me back to setting up my old classroom...
just hours and hours of sorting
and organizing.

A few days into our move KT Custom Logo here in Chardon came and
installed out window decals and that is the moment that it hit home
that we have officially moved onto the square!

Can I just say my hubby ROCKS!!!
He built custom tables for Craft Club and they look amazing!
Craft Club is now incorporated into the store and we wanted to do something
new and fun for all our crafty ladies......cannot wait till our first Craft Club in September!
There will be many nights of crafting and laughing around these tables.

The small details helped pull the store together and gave it
the "nesty" feel......we have stocked the store with new
merchandise as well as new painted furniture pieces.

View from the front of store.
 View from the back of the store.

And just like that yesterday was our opening day on the square and I had the two most
important people with me to share it with.
Thank you to all our amazing customers for joining us on this new journey we look
forward to bringing you a bigger and better Nest!!!!
Stop by and check it all out we would love to see you!