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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Really Random

How about some really random stuff on this Wednesday evening!
I have been really bad lately taking pictures with my camera.
I find myself taking a lot more pictures with Instagram these days!
If you are on Instagram or want to check me out you can
find me using stalty.

Anyways it is the middle of the week and I am feeling it.
I am ready for the long weekend to arrive!

Over the course of the week I have made a few new wreaths.
This one is listed on is super soft and 
just looks like Spring is around the corner.

I also made this wreath and I am loving the pearls
within the flowers.  I am selling this one in the store
right now!

I took a trip to Michael's and took advantage of their
Dollar Days was a good sale and I walked
out of there with a lot of good stuff!

My mother-in-law helped me finish all my photo blocks
the other night.  I have 20 new blocks ready to go and they
turned out really cute!!

I also was able to get some sets of magnetic clothespins
packaged up and ready to go-thanks to "my mom" for helping
me get these ready!! 

On a really random sister-in-law bought
me a sample of Starbucks Blonde Coffee and it had me at
hello!! I am a Dunkin Donuts girl for sure but this coffee
just may give Dunkin Donuts a run for their money because it
is that good!! Thanks Lynn for splurging on the sample packets for us!!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles keep popping up
all over my house!!

I love watching Andrew play when he thinks no one is listening.
It is nice to see him using his imagination.

Told ya...the Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles moved again!!

Well I hope you didn't mind this total random is
simply what has been going on around our house the last few days.

Stephanie ;)

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