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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekends=Family Time!

Hello Hello Hello
It was a good weekend-a few bumps...but overall good.
Around here weekends=family time!
During the week our schedules are so hectic
that on the weekends anymore we
are true homebodies...and that is o.k. with me!

We kicked off our weekend with a visit from
my sister-in-law and her kiddos!

The "bestest" cousins ever-as Andrew says!
After this group shot they each wanted their
"own" turn to shine!!




And sweet baby Charlotte!!
She was so delightful and it was nice snuggling with her!!
I am a lucky auntie I have a good bunch of nieces and
nephews and my son is head over moon when he
gets to spend time with them.

The boys were rocking out Play-Doh with the SMURFS!!

After the crowd went home and Andrew was in
bed I got to crafting!! I am in another 
show this coming Sunday!!  
HOMESPUN is getting busy and it is so 
very exciting!!

Saturday morning I headed out for some 
inspiration with my mom.  
We headed to a nearby town and hit our two favorite stores!!
Ohhhhhh and while in this store something exciting happend...
fingers crossed that's all I can say for now!!!

I LOVE the color of this newspaper box.
It just screams "happy" to me.
I get excited over the smallest things.

This store was decked out in all it's Christmas best!!
When do you start decorating for Christmas?

Later that day-Kev did yard work and Andrew hitched a ride!

I then had to take pictures of my Book Page
Christmas Trees and send them in an email---
again fingers crossed!!

Late Saturday night while my men were fast asleep 
I did some more crafting.  
I am working on a few new items
to add to our next three shows.

I made a few fabric garlands...they look so
stinkin cute hanging up on the mantel!

Sunday morning we were welcomed by the sun!!!
Andrew cracks me up--he is STILL
adding to his Christmas list!!

I could live in an area were the sun shines everyday.

Sunday afternoon Andrew and I made homemade
chocolate pudding.

Later that day we had a "family date" 
and we headed to the book store.
I had all my supplies while Andrew played trains--
a Starbucks and a stack of awesome books and magazines.
I had self-restraint today and walked out empty handed.

 Check this book's about Owls--
the illustrations inside are really cute.
It put a smile on my face to bad when I 
was looking at it Andrew proceeded to say
"girl alert-girl alert".

Well now I am going to grab a cup of coffee and a snack
and head to the couch for a bit next to my number #1.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.
I have a feeling it is going to be a busy week!!

Stephanie :)

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