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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Very JAMMED Pack Weekend Recap!

This weekend went by in a blink of an eye.
We had a good weekend filled with
lots of fun family holiday cheer!!

First, Andrew lost his first tooth!!
It was very exciting for him...
so when he was peacefully sleeping 
Kev and I got to work spreading 
Tooth Fairy cheer!! 

What do you give for fallen out teeth?
We stuck with the tradition of cash....$2.41.
Odd number right!? 
It is what my hubby went with!

My idea to sprinkle is bedroom 
floor with glitter!! 
He loved it and we told
him it must have been 
Tooth Fairy dust!

 Eddie continues to POP up in unexpected
places and is even leaving notes behind
once in awhile.

This week Kev and I successfully opened an Etsy Shop!
Stop by and check it out....maybe you will find something
you cannot live without!!!

More products will be listed as I refill my inventory.

I finally got around to writing out a few Christmas cards...'
now I need to get them steps!! 

Saturday #1 guy made us a toasty
fire and we were all nestled in watching 
morning cartoons!! 
Gotta love a man in sweats and 
work boots at 7:30 am!!!

This young man got a haircut....he needed it badly.

Andrew has been in a drawing phase we 
have pictures all over our house and they
just melt my heart to see how his
imagination runs wild when he is drawing!

Saturday night we headed to our good friends house for
a Kids Christmas Party!! 
The kids had a blast and it was nice getting together and seeing everyone.

All the kids got to make their very own gingerbread
house....they came out super cute! 
I think Andrew may have eaten more candy then he put on his house...
and here is packing up some candy to take home!

Sunday morning=We were LAZY!!
Lots of strong coffee was consumed by myself!!

I started getting all my hoop art material ready and
I am going to start making my hoop art wall this week!
More to come on that!

I found Andrew creating again!!!
This time he cut out Mario pictures and 
glued them down into one of his notebooks.
I love that he has a creative side.

As I was straightening up my desk this afternoon I spotted 
this Amazon gift card.  I think tonight I am going 
to spend this baby and maybe just on myself!

Tonight we took Andrew to Country Lights.
We go every year with our friends and
it is a nice night for the kids.

Andrew told Santa he wants a toy train that goes around 
the bottom of the Christmas tree.
He has wanted one of these for awhile and I guess 
maybe now is the time to get one?

Maybe one more thing....I thought I was done!!!!
We shall see!!?

How was your weekend!?


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