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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pins That POPPED Out!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday to you!!
How are you!?
I am good!!
Just thought I would share some random
"pins" from my Pinterest board that made me happy this past week
and made me "click" away!!

Pinned Image

Found this quote and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
Each day is a new beginning!

Pinned Image

This door and enrtry way is so welcoming!
I love the idea of adding chalkboard paint to the bottom
of an old door...and hello pretty chandelier just hanging out!!!

Pinned ImagePinned Image
Pinned Image

Loving all these comfy clothes!!
Pinned Image

My mom and I are planning my sisters upcoming baby shower and
I am HOPING to cover my ceiling with tons and tons
of pretty tissue flower pom poms!!

Pinned Image

Dreaming.....HOPING....WANTING to hang a sign like this
one day in my own shop!!

Loving this little shop and and the color
they painted it...WISHFUL for one day having
the opportunity to add a shop like this in Chardon!

Pinned Image

Awesome quote!!
So many times people hold themselves back
and have regrets and wonder "what if"......this quote inspires
me not to live with regrets.

Pinned Image

Oh my word....what a happy colorful working area!!

Pinned Image

Hoop Art-
wanna try and re-create this!!

Pinned Image

It is LOVE week-
Valentine's Day is coming!!

What has been catching your eye on Pinterest lately!?

Stephanie ;)

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