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Friday, October 11, 2013

October Craft Club....

I woke up in a Craft Club coma this morning...simply exhausted and
extremely grateful that our first ever Craft Club was a success!!
I was truly honored to have 18 of the most dynamic group
of ladies attend our October Craft Club!
To share my passion with others and to hear and see the joy in
their faces as they entered the store last night was inspiring.

I decided name tags were in order for this group!
I didn't want any part of the night to be awkward and I
wanted everyone to feel at home and welcomed! 
It was nice that everyone felt comfortable with each other
and we didn't need to go around stating our names!! LOL!!

Craft Club had the plaza rocking!
We packed the plaza with fun, laughter, and a 18 rowdy girls!!

After the store closed Kev stopped by to help me set up all
the tables...gotta love a hubby that goes that extra mile!
I am lucky!

Everything was ready to go all we needed were our crafters!

And just like that the store was filled with so much positive
energy it was hard not to enjoy yourself!

All the ladies got down to crafting right away...they worked hard
and their book page pumpkins turned out adorable!
It was fun to see how each person made their pumpkin "unique."

Group Shot!!!
Our youngest crafter was 10!!
She came with her mom and was a sweetheart!!

One amazing crafter made home made chocolates that were so incredibly good and
another set of ladies brought their own bottle of sip on while they worked.

The night flew by and everyone really enjoyed each others company.
Craft Club brought 18 ladies of various age groups together and it was magical!

At the end of the night some ladies shopped and then we all said our goodbyes!!
I would like to personally thank everyone that joined guys made
our first Craft Club amazing and have left me inspired to plan the next one for November!
I will be posting all the information about our November Craft Club soon...
if you are interested sign up fast...spots are limited and they fill up fast!
Every person is creative quote via
Have a good weekend!!

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