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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Recap...

Why is it that weekends seem to go way too fast.

This weekend was a productive one-I bought a new car-yay!
I am now the proud owner of a Ford Fusion Sport-and I think
 my hubby is a bit envious!!  

Here is a quick weekend recap:

I love weekend mornings when the coffee is brewed and ready for enjoyment and I get to
relax and enjoy being with my two guys!

Nothing like a yummy smelling candle burning all morning either.
I have to say I cannot find a candle the burns and smells better then a Yankee Candle...there is
just something about them.

My little man eating breakfast and watching his morning cartoons--
he used to fit perfectly at the coffee table now he is just way too
big but he still insists on sitting there.

This weekend I also gathered all the wreaths that I need to decorate within the 
next few weeks---lots of good colors and textures to pick from for sure-
super excited about all of them!

I also painted-painted-painted clay pots getting them ready for book page Christmas trees.

I was able to complete quite a bit more book page Christmas trees-
check back for a step-by-step tutorial this week!

I started getting ready for Fall since it is officially Fall!
I bought my first two pumpkins-cannot wait to get more!
Lot's more fall decorating to do around the house and entry way but this is a start.

Baby Charlotte came over for the first time!
Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly we all went to Tractor Farm and Supply to start putting Andrew's 
Halloween costume together!

Can you believe Halloween is not that far away and Wal-Mart is already advertising for 
layaway for Christmas-YIKES!!!!

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know we did!


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  1. Look at all of those wreaths!! I also can't believe how big Andrew looks at the table..and I still continue to call him peanut! We will have to have a sleep over soon!!!