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Monday, March 18, 2013

My Hoop Art Wall!

My Hoop Art Wall is complete and I
am very happy with the outcome!
I can't wait to get into bed tonight
so I can look over and see how happy
the space next to my side of the bed has become!

Check it out!!

I started with a bunch of random size embroidery
hoops that I have been picking up at the craft store.
I also gathered up all my fabric and picked colors
and patterns that I felt complimented each other!
Really I had no plan in mind and just went with it!
I think the hardest part was actually selecting 
what fabric I wanted to use.

Yesterday I started by laying it all out 
and picking my fabrics with what size hoop
I wanted it to go in...then I got busy!

Here are a few that were in the "making" stage!

I recently just purchased an owl canvas @ Marshalls 
and knew I had to incorporate it with my hoop art wall...
and it really completed the overall look and feel.

Kev helped me put it all up tonight and here is 
the final result!  Sorry about the lighting I will
get pictures over the weekend in daylight!

This is my new view next to my side of the bed!!
I love it!

A side view.

One more look!
I think I am going to pick up a few more smaller hoops and add
them in here and there as I collect more fabric that I like.

I definitely see more hoop art walls in my near future-my poor hubby!

Just thought I would share!
Have a good night!
Stephanie ;)


  1. Super Cute Muffin!!

    Robinson :)

  2. it is so cute - i can't wait to see it in person!