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Thursday, April 25, 2013


It has been busy around here lately...all good things
happening right now but it has left us with little time 
to just sit back and relax.  This weekend is my sister's 
baby shower at our house so we are in full baby shower
prep right now! Hoping to make it a nice day for her and
my new little niece that we are so patiently waiting for.
My little sister is having a baby...strange for me!


This kid loves Super Mario....he is honestly obsessed...
but I guess there can be worse things out there that he could
be into so Super Mario I can handle!!

There are a few signs of Spring popping around our yard.
Spring is just taking extremely long to get here this year.

Last weekend I had a craft went o.k.......always
a learning experience for sure and it was nice to meet up
with fellow crafters/vendors and catch up!

I have another show in less then a month and it is
outdoors!! This will be my first outdoor show so it
is going to be interesting!! Hoping the sun shows up with
some warmer temps that day!!

The reclaimed picture frames have turned out
to be a hit!  I am glad so many people have
taken a liking to them!

Thanks to my mom and mother-in-law for helping me out that day!
They are simply my best two ladies!!

Last Sunday Kev and I went "junking" and scored some
awesome stuff!! This is Kev's new girlfriend....this table is amazing
in person and he about drooled when he layed eyes on it!
He has been helping me out A LOT lately so I
am glad he found something too!!

You may be thinking, "what in God's name are you doing with
this stuff Stephanie" but let me tell ya I have BIG PLANS for it!!

We scored the best reclaimed wood....and 
have a few projects in the making with all of it!

The truck was totally loaded down I honestly do not know how
we did it. Some of the stuff we loaded weighed 125 lbs but we were
both determined.  Kev and I were laughing on our way home we went
to Chipotle and when we parked we laughed and said.....the people around
us must be thinking we were headed to the junk yard.....but we were actually
heading home with prized treasures!!!! I guess it is true when they say
"one mans junk is another mans treasure!" 

Well tomorrow is FRIDAY and I am ready for the weekend!!
I hope you have a great weekend too!!


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  1. I can't wait to see what you do with all of those treasures! I love the big wheels on the carts though!! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!