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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Another night of the hubby not feeling well so peanut and I hit the "great outdoors" and went for a nature hike around the yard.   Miss my hubby--hoping he feels better tomorrow.

I was given one rule and it was, "you have to follow me mom!"

Such a country boy!

I wonder what he was checking out!?

We checked on the pumpkins....poor things are never going to get big enough for Halloween.

I am DETERMINED next year to ROCK A PUMPKIN PATCH-even if I have to 
use Miracle Grow!

All of a sudden we came across Zuchinni!

 Then I had the bright idea of climbing a tree, really it was a dumb idea and way to high for me!

We ended the night with sidewalk chalk-love our family portrait!

I cannot resist sidewalk chalk either there is just something about it and it looks like Zuchinni found a nice spot to relax too!

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