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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our Summer So Far.....

Well Summer is officially half way over....not sure how it happened but time seems to be flying.  It finally has warmed up in our neck of the woods and it has been in the 90's all week long. 
I LOVE this weather and am hoping to hit the beach on Monday
 to enjoy the sun and sand!
We are in the second week of business @ The Nest and it has been great!I have met so many wonderful people that have visited our shop and I look forward to meeting many more! 
 Thanks to everyone that has "liked"
our Facebook page and helped spread the word around town...
we APRRECIATE it a great deal!
Be grateful! Thank God for all the blessings that He has given you! #faith #quotes
Now onto some pictures...I thought I would share some
snapshots of what we have been up to so far this summer!
A few weeks ago my cousin played in the Northeast Ohio All-Star Baseball Game and we went to cheer him on!
These two...mean the world to me...and seeing them together
enjoying each others company is picture perfect.

Andrew actually sat and watched most of the game...he was into it and now thinks my cousin Frankie is a major league baseball player!!

 This is my "little "cousin Frankie.....too bad he is off to Ohio State this year and is not so little anymore.  It is strange seeing your baby cousins turn into adults....I remember
when he was made me feel old!!
Time really does fly.

Andrew and Frankie after the game.

 The entire Sivillo Family!!!

Andrew also went to VBS at St. Mary's and absolutely loved it!

We have been hitting all the new movies that have
 been coming out! Gotta love $5.00 Movie Monday's!! 

And the store...has been taking up all of the rest of our time which is a great thing and accomplishment on our part.  It is
an amazing feeling to see other people love and purchase things you have created!! It is awesome to think that a little piece of myself is being spread around and people also share my passion of "feathering their nests!!"

Andrew has been coming with me to the store each day....he has been a great helper! I am thankful to my mom and mother-in-law who have been helping me out keeping an eye on him and looking after him throughout the week...they have been lifesavers.

What have you guys been up to!?
-Steph ;)-


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