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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Only 2 weeks till Christmas...Are you ready!?

Wow time flies....Christmas is in 2 weeks!!
2 weeks that is all and that is not a lot of time!!
Looks like I am not sending out Christmas cards
this year---and come to think of it we have only
received one so far as well?

Are you ready for Christmas?
I am almost done..I have my 
number #1 guy left and I need
to get his present already.  I did pick
up some stocking stuffers for him tonight so YAY!

I have a TON of wrapping to do and need to
get that started.  I think this weekend we will
be wrapping away!!

My poor house is still not "fully" decorated yet either.
I have been doing a little bit here and there but
I would like to do so much more. I will have to give
it a final push this weekend and see what I can
come up with!  I never go over the top or anything
but I like to add Christmas cheer where ever there is room!!
Do you go nuts decorating your house?

With Christmas being only 2 weeks away I thought I would share
some images that put a smile on my face while browsing Pinterest!!

Check them out!!

Oh My GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this wreath is jaw dropping stunning!
What a statement just a bunch of ornaments can make.
It had to take hundreds of bulbs to get the wreath this big.
I would give this wreath a happy home!!

★ mas books window this....books and Christmas all
rolled into one!!  If my dream ever comes true of 
opening a small store in my local town--I have to remember
this display in the front window!!

Branching out!

My house is not big enough for this type of display..
maybe a smaller version?  
But I have always loved the idea of using
 dead tree branches spray painting them and hanging 
ornaments from them!


How clever is this idea...........
make a Christmas tree out of lights.
Kev wants to decorate the outside of our house
next year...I will have to keep this in mind!

Take a walk to soak up the cheery holiday atmosphere and look at the sparkling #Christmas lights.

I would love to sit on this bench with a hot cup of coffee in my
hand with my favorite two men next to me and just admire all the 
glistening lights surrounding us.
How peaceful it would be to simply take it all in.

Stick a photo of the person receiving the gift onto their present.  Cute idea!

I love this idea when wrapping presents!!
Such a fun way to recognize presents without
the same old gift tag attached!!


This picture just reminds me that sometimes
the simpler the better!!

Beard countdown to Christmas...soo cute!!

I plan on making this for Andrew so he can count
down the last 10 days till Christmas!!

S’mores Hot Chocolate

And how about a cup of
Smores Hot Chocolate!? Yum!!
This would be right up Andrew's alley he
loves hot chocolate and making Smores!!

Christmas morning..

This quote.....AMAZING & true!

I hope I have spread some holiday cheer out 
there in blog land BUT if not just remember.....

Christmas Cheer Printable
Stephanie ;)


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Have you seen the ornaments on the Lawn Fawn Blog from May Arts? They reminded me of your stacked trees!
    Linda Patti

  2. Hi Linda I just checked out the blog.....the ornaments look really cute and fun! I will have to keep them in mind for next year! Thanks for thinking about me!