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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween...Better A Day Late Then Never!!

Happy Halloween Lovelies
One Day Late!!

A colorful owl with retro charm. Love it!

I wonder how many people are going
to eat way to much candy this week!?

What is your favorite candy?

Reese Cups

I am a sucker for Reese Cups!!

Trick-or-Treating didn't happen yet with 
Hurricane Sandy ripping through our area.  
Our town rescheduled it and we get to 
take Andrew out this weekend!!

To be honest it didn't even seem like Halloween
this year--probably since our power just
came back on after being out for 61 hours.

 I stumbled upon some random Halloween pictures
 earlier this week "Pre-Hurricane Sandy" 
and thought I would share....just because!!!

Halloween Wreath

This wreath is super cute.....note to self-make one
for next year to hang!!

Layers of tissue wrapped around hurricane glasses.

These candle holders layerd with Fall colored tissue paper
would also look cute on my mantle...ANOTHER-note-to-self-MAKE!!

use a drill to make a polka-dotted carved pumpkin

These pumpkins would look cool in our entry way all lit up!

So many cool ideas to remember for next year!!

I hope everyone had a safe night Trick-or-Treating!!
Andrew is excited to go out this weekend!
I am hoping he gets a bunch of 
Reese Cups for sure!!


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