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Monday, February 4, 2013


Hello Lovelies!
It is Monday afternoon and a brand
new week is in full swing!!
I have been writing down all the stuff
I need to get done this week and I am
going to be a busy gal.
All the things I need to accomplish are good things
so I should be able to get through them rather quickly and enjoy them all
at the same time-BONUS FOR ME!!

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It is crazy that it is February!
We are that much closer to SPRING!!!!!

What does your week look like?
Do you have any exciting plans?

This week I have a lot to accomplish:

1.  Finish a bunch of wreaths for friends and families.
2.  Fill out show applications.
3.  Get  products ready to be sold in a Salon!!
4.  Create new chalkboards.
5.  Order new business cards.
6.  Write out Andrew's birthday invites and mail them --or-
send out an email invite? 
7.  Help Andrew write out his Valentine's for school.
8.  Work on stuff for Andrew's birthday-he wants to
have a Super Mario themed party.
9.  Start writing out my sister's baby shower invites.

The list goes on and on.....but you get the drift!
I am busy-you are busy-we all are busy!!

If you haven't had a chance stop by my Etsy shop over the past weekend
I was able to list 4 new wreaths!!! There is something in the shop for everyone!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!!

Stephanie ;)

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