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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Favorite Chick Flick!!

Today has been a rainy, dreary and cold day.
It would have been a perfect day to watch
a chick flick in front of the fire.

My favorite chick flick is-
It's Complicated
everytime I want to watch it my
husband asks me if I am sick of
that movie....and um "hello, NO!"

Its Complicated=favorite movie!!

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I love the house they used for this movie.
It is amazing....I would pack up my family and move right in!!!
I want a swing like the one they had hanging in the front yard.
My hubby actually has an area all ready for a swing to be
hung we just need to get a swing!! 
Have I told you guys I love my hubby he is the best and I am a lucky gal!!

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Hello gorgeous kitchen & dining room combo-LOVE!!!
I don't think I would ever leave this area!

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The entire house in this particular movie is inspiring.
I am a believer that you should make your house "your home"
and allow it to reflect yourself. 
My house is my hobby. 
 I will share it with you guys soon!!

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The potting shed in this movie is even breathtaking.....maybe
one day I can have a potting shed similar to this one and her garden too!!
I am pretty sure I have a "crush" on everything in this movie!!

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Last but not least the bakery.....

What is your favorite chick flick or do you
have a movie that inspires you?


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